Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LAUSD orders 2 Gulen Magnolia Science Academies closed, parents vow to fight despite being in the dark over finances LOS ANGELES (AP/ — Los Angeles Unified School District officials have decided to close two charter schools, based on the finding of a draft audit that has not been made public. District administrators last month revoked the charters of Van Nuys’ Magnolia Science Academy 7 elementary school and its sister institution, Magnolia Academy 6 middle school in Palms, The Daily News reported.

Just months earlier, the district board “conditionally” approved renewing the schools’ charters. The California Charter Schools Association says the district’s approval and sudden revocation violates state law. “With little warning, no chance to respond and with only six weeks until the start of the next school year, LAUSD informed us that they are not renewing two of our Charters, based on findings that are either factually incorrect or grave misinterpretations,” Magnolia Education and Research Foundation’s Mehnet Argin said.

A judge will consider issuing an injunction Thursday that could stop the district from closing the schools, at least temporarily. About 300 students who attended Magnolia Science Academy 7 and another 140 students at Magnolia Science Academy 6 will have to find new schools to attend for the fall session, according to LA School Report. According to The Daily News, there had been questions in the past as to whether schools as small as the Magnolia academies were financially viable.

Read here how Magnolia Science Academy's Accord Institute is related to Faruk Taban and Turkish Lobbying.

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