Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Caprice Young of Gulen Magnolia School talks about her ADHD, Dyslexia an...

"They just didn't understand how my brain was"

Caprice Young's CCSA spent $1 million to unseat
Disabled and Special Needs student advocate Bennet Kayser
from LAUSD to put in Dr. Ref Rodriguez a charter school shill.
In their ads they made fun of a shaking hand dropping a cup of coffee
in reference to Mr. Kayser's Parkinston Disease.

Gulen Charter Schools, Terrorism and Fraud on the American People by ex ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When a charter school is troubled beyond repair, lies, false advertising nothing will work.

According to Caprice Young, the 5th CEO of the Magnolia Public Schools in less than 15 years of their troubled existance "Magnolia is an award winning school according to US Report and world News"  so what is this US Report and world news?- a mere poll.  Gulenists have slammed these online polls, Magnolia is not the only Gulenists operated charter school to be declared a "top school."
Caprice Young is the 5th CEO in less than 15 years. 

The other troubled Gulenist operated charter school in Oklahoma Dove Science Academy, has also declared they are a US News and World report "top school" despite a brutal rape on campus and a state audit showing they overcharged the taxpayers of Oklahoma over $1 million to rent a building owned by a fellow Gulenist Turk.   Dove Science Academy also had a visit this past week from a member of Congress to give a few students a Congressional award as Magnolia Science Academy has.  

To Caprice Young, if your schools were so great why did you get turned down on 8 applications in 5 districts for an expansion?   Caprice Young continues to tout her Gulen Magnolia Public Schools as something unique and novel when in fact, they are the same as any other Gulenists operated charter school in the USA.   

Yes, we know you managed to get $17 million to build a new facility but more than likely it was done on false pretenses, and the lease, payments and other finances are closely watched .  Here is an updated photo that Mr. Serce took just 3 days ago.  You shouldn't be in such a huge hurry to expand when you have barely 100 students in 3 schools.  The Gulenists operated schools in California called the Magnolia Science Academy were originally DENIED their renewal in Santa Ana, California by the local Santa Ana Unified School District.  The Gulenist (sneaky bastards) then went to the layer above the school district - the Santa Ana COUNTY school district to have the denial overturn.  Without discussing their impending audit and recommendation to be shuttered in LAUSD.  
Not only were the Gulenists able to overturn the denial by bypassing the local governing board they received a $17 million loan/ bond to build a new school .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gulenist "Hobbit" Yilmaz Ak, Director of Accountability wears many hats at Gulen "inspired" schools

Yilmaz Ak "Hobbit"  former principal of Gulen inspired "Coral Academy of Science" was moved to the Gulen "inspired" Magnolia Science Acadmey- Santa Clara to be the new prinicpal in 2013.  The former principal Tim (Timur) Saka came from the other Gulen "inspired schools in Colorado and Utah - Lotus School of Excellence and Beehive Science Academy.
Yilmaz Ak is currently on the top heavy administrative staff of Magnolia Public Schools as the
(please don't laugh)  Director of Accountability <----hold the laughter please

Students at the Santa Clara Magnolia campus referred to Yilmaz Ak as "Hobbit" because of his 
short stature.  Here is a photo when AK was principal of Magnolia Santa Clara, note that second from Right is the current principal Dr. Michele Ryan who was booted off of the Santa Clara Unified School District.    Ak is even shorter than the women in this photo                                   
Jaya Gautam, Mr. Ak, principal, Mr. Taymaz, Ro Khanna, Sanjeev Gautam, Dr. Ryan, Shobana Ramamurthi

Dr. Michele Ryan their current prinicipal sided with Caprice Young on protecting 
Magnolia's erratic behavior.  When it was pointed out to her that she was putting herself in a conflict of interest by favoring the Magnolia schools, she recused herself.  Now is the current principal.  

Yilmaz Ak named in Magnolia Science Academy audit as floating a "loan" to the troubled organization.  Shouldn't the "Director of Accountability" mention where he got the $40,000.00 


1. March 2009: Santa Clara County Board of Education approves the charter petition for Magnolia Science Academy-Santa Clara, a countywide charter. The charter was approved for a three-year period (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010). The school did not open as planned in fall 2009. In early 2010, the charter was revised.
2. Fall 2010: Magnolia opens MSA-Santa Clara at a site in Sunnyvale (1095 Dunford Way). This is the first of three charter schools for which a 3-year charter was granted to them by the board of the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE).
3. Fall 2012: MSA-Santa Clara moves into the campus at 2720 Sonoma Place in Santa Clara which belongs to Santa Clara Unified. This site was the longtime home to a historically important Santa Clara school, John Millikin Elementary School. The lease agreement is for three years only: 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 (exp. June).
4. Jan. 2013: SCCOE grants a five-year renewal to Magnolia despite the district finding it has a negative cash flow, poor fiscal accounting and a problem with internal controls. Anna Song is the only trustee who dissented. Also, Magnolia never opened its promised other two charter schools in Santa Clara County.
5. May 2013: SCCOE issues a Notice of Concern to MSA-Santa Clara, citing "failure to meet generally accepted accounting principals." pdf
6. June 2014: With MSA-SC's lease due to expire at the end of 2014-15, Magnolia makes its first request to Santa Clara Unified for a lease extension. It is denied.
7. Oct. 2014: Petition for a totally brand new charter school, the STEM Academy of Silicon Valley (SASV), was submitted to Santa Clara Unified. Seeing the writing on the wall (that MSA-SC will have to close if it cannot get its lease extended or find another site) -- and with the Magnolia organization in turmoil in LAUSD, etc. -- principal Yilmaz Ak and a group of individuals attempt to open a brand new charter school for 2015-16. Supposedly this school would not be operated by Magnolia, but it clearly would be a reconstituted version of MSA-SC that could enroll its soon-to-be-school-siteless student body. Clearly they did this with the hope that the new charter school would qualify for a Santa Clara Unified site under Prop 39. And/or maybe they could have qualified for some start-up grant that would help them lease a space.
8. Jan. 2015: The SCUSD board unanimously votes against the SASV proposal.
  9. Feb 2015: SCCOE hearing on SASV (at some point Yilmaz Ak, et al, submitted the same proposal to the Santa Clara County authorizer)..
10. Mar. 4, 2015: Yilmaz Ak submits letter to SCCOE urging them to call a special meeting to decide on SASV asap. He explains that he has applied for Prop 39 facilities and must have the charter approved by March 15th. He closes the letter with, "I would like to avoid having to turn to the courts to settle this issue."
11. March 6, 2015: For the 3rd time, the Magnolia community comes to a Santa Clara Unified meeting to try to persuade the school board to extend their lease for the campus on Sonoma Place (sometimes called the "Central Park" site).

12. March 11, 2015: SASV was unanimously denied its charter application by the board of SCCOE. 13. March 17, 2015: Magnolia CEO Caprice Young comes up to the Bay Area. Holds a town hall meeting w/MSA-SC families and meets with and/or threatens who knows?


14. August 2015: moves to current location in East San Jose school district at the Hispanic University sharing space with "Voices". Moving to this location and never properly notifying the school district or the school superintendent of this school district Chris Funk.
15. January 2016: formally notifies Mt. Pleasant School district to move into their school district after school district was informally notified by the SCCSD charter division of their request.  Dr. Caprice Young never reaches out to either school district, receives a letter from attorney for Mt. Pleasant School District of educational codes and laws that were broken.
16. April 2016: Magnolia files for yet another revision plan and is admonished at SCCUSD BOE meeting for not knowing or understanding that they must collaborate with hosting school districts.
17. May 4, 2016- SCCOE cancels meeting citing "further investigations into possible violation(s) postponed to May 18, 2016 meeting.
18. June 2016 Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara makes formal announcement to SCCOE that they will be closing their school.
19. July 2016 SCCOE is putting together the final debt that that Magnolia has left behind, estimates are as high as $1, million

WATCH board meeting item #10 MAGNOLIA

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Queen of Charter Schools Caprice Young, Magnolia Science Academy

Examples of curriculum taught by Gulen "inspired" Magnolia Science Academy teachers 
allowing students to deface school property writing lesson plans on "Muslim Contributions"

EDUCATION MATTERS-In the last few days, the LA Times has published misleading information on the California Appeals Court decision this week denying the lower court ruling in the Vergara lawsuit – a suit wherein a few carefully chosen students were urged to press a lawsuit to terminate teachers without due process, changing the law pertaining to what they call tenure. In addition, this lawsuit would serve to weaken teachers unions.

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The suit was contrived by billionaires David Welch (under the aegis if the nonprofit calledStudents Matter,) and with the input of Eli Broad, the Walton Family and others of the billionaire anti-public school contingent. These uber-wealthy non-educators tried to prove that bad and uncaring teachers were assigned to inner-city schools so as to diminish the civil rights of inner-city students to a fair and equal education in public schools; they believed that laws should be changed to be able to fire them with no due process.
However, these same billionaires have been working toward privatizing most of Americas' public schools -- turning them into "Wall Street investment opportunities," as openly expressed by Rupert Murdoch in his NY Times op-ed a few years ago; support has also come from hedge fund managers such as Whitney Tilson, who sell their clients products of investments in charter schools and other allied corporations, and even hold classes for these clients on how to invest in "public" education for large profits. 
This is the greatest scam in the universe and outshines Teapot Dome as a robber baron scheme.  They call the schools "public" but the only thing public about them is that they are paid for by the American taxpayer public. Other than that, these charter schools have no oversight by real educators and education administrators, nor a Board of Education, but are run on business models devised by Eli Broad and his Broad Academy, all to make vast sums of money for their leaders and investors, none of whom are generally educators.
These vulture business managers fire real trained teachers with degrees in education, replacing them with low-paid Teach for America recent college graduates who only get five weeks of minimalist training before being dumped into classrooms in inner cities for only a short period of time; they are often assigned 50 children to a room that was built to hold 30. Many disasters occur, and students suffer.
This week one of these ersatz public charter schools was awarded $7.2 million dollars by an LA court for not having LAUSD provide them with a free site for their marginal school. We also see Fetullah Gulen, the Turkish Imam who lives in guarded seclusion in the Poconos, running over 146 of these questionable charters all over the US, eleven of them in LA. These Magnolia Schools in LA are headed by the infamous charter school queen, Caprice Young, someone who has made a fortune in her career off these schools that use taxpayer funds with no taxpayer oversight.
As for the LA Times, this information is always soft pedaled by the Times reporters. We have been told they are under the thumbs of their bosses, the Editorial Board, who carefully monitor and edit their reports. Focusing on Saturday, April 16, 2016, we find the reporters’ front page story starts off with their own Broad-directed take on this week's decision by the Appeals Court to throw out this highly flawed case. The Times, and LASR, all week kept calling this a "landmark case," which it is not. It is a failed case of bad law based on unproven allegations and bias against teachers and their unions. But the “Broadies” will again file similar lawsuits since they have endless deep pockets.
Howard Blume and his writer pals follow the Broad line imposed by their Times bosses, even though they do not have the usual disclaimer on Saturday’s front page manipulated article. Ryan Smith and Ben Austin are quoted by the LA Times. They chose once again to interview and quote Ryan Smith, past hatchet man for United Way and now the darling of Marion Edelman fame and fortune, and Parent Revolution/parent trigger shady lawyer, Ben Austin, former and still hatchet man for Eli Broad, and now of Broad/Welch fame and fortune, to be their voices on education issues.
These two men are leaders in the deception to steal public education in the name of their manufactured view of civil rights. They already led the infamous street charade on Oct. 29, 2013 to get the contract renewed for the equally infamous John Deasy (who now works fulltime for Broad.) This was when the pathetic LAUSD Board of Education danced to Eli Broad’s tune, allowing the spectacle takeover of Beaudry Street and Board Room...and then signing and extending a disastrous contract – all this after the multiple fiascos caused by Broad's Supt. Deasy which cost the District around $780 million in losses and payoffs for lawsuits. Deasy almost forced the District into bankruptcy.
The supportive “reformer” language these reporters use in their introductory paragraphs, "the nation's most generous teacher employment protections...and, the (reformers) centerpiece effort to remake schools....and, teachers' unions have flexed their muscle locally and nationally" is egregious. These biases set the scene for the rest of the manipulation of the story.
The “reformer players” and the Times use the important claim of civil rights to elevate the privatizing of public schools, and the firing (and teacher jailing) of teachers without due process, with the goal to kill off unions -- yet they want the exclusive use of public funds to run their charter schools, all paid for on the backs of the taxpayers. Deasy testified against teachers at the Vergara trial; at the Treu decision for the plaintiffs, he stated that he was delighted and would rush home to fire more teachers...and he did.
The cited Times article mentions the recent Friedrichs case, which SCOTUS dropped in a 4-to-4 tie after Justice Scalia's death, as a case "which could have prevented unions from collecting dues from employees who didn't agree to become members." This is not what the case actually shows. As with Harris v. Quinn, ("Holding: The First Amendment prohibits the collection of an agency fee from the plaintiffs in this case, home health care providers who do not wish to join or support a union. JudgmentReversed in part, affirmed in part, and remanded, 5-4, in an opinion by Justice Alito on June 30, 2014.
Justice Kagan filed a dissenting opinion in which Justice Ginsburg, Justice Breyer, and Justice Sotomayor joined,") teachers who do not join the union are generally required to pay a small fee since they benefit from union negotiations in their behalf as well as paid members. 
But how easy it is to blame all of public education’s problems on the teachers.
However, do these reporters interview some of the skid row (see San Pedro St. in LA) crack mothers of the thousands of LAUSD students who sleep on the hard streets every night? Rarely do these ace reporters do any in-depth investigation of how these inner- city kids live lives of desperate poverty, with little food or rest, and virtually no parental supervision. There are also many poverty-level parents working three jobs to try to exist.
There are thousands of others who have no business parenting children. These students are sent to school and teachers are supposed to fill all the spaces of their wretched lives, make them math and language successes, and be college-ready, as well. These expectations extend to the lives of all LAUSD students living at or below the poverty level -- which is close to 80% of LAUSD. Could Eli make this work? Could the Kochs or the Waltons with their endless billions do it? Why don’t they focus on curing poverty, instead? Or could it be that’s because there are no fortunes to be made in curing poverty?
As to their education articles, it seems the Times reporters never interview highly respected academics like Professor Rogers at UCLA or Emeritus Professor Kashen from USC. Rather, they feature the mendacious warriors for privatization from Eli Broad’s selected non-profits, United WayParent Revolution, and California Endowment. So what the public reads is deeply slanted.
This is a story filled with dichotomies. It is a continuum of despair – struggles of inner city life amid the grandest displays of wealth in LA. The 40,000 sq. ft. mansions, which could house a hundred people, are but vacation homes for the billionaires who seek to run the world. These are the homes highlighted by the tour buses…not the tents stretching for miles and miles from 1st and San Pedro, the homes of the poverty stricken, showing such degradation and filth a mere twenty-minute drive from Rodeo Drive.
When we lose a free press, a truly unbiased media, we lose democracy. Judging by Campbell’s new gig at LASR, and by the venomous LA Times, plus the biased NY Times, all is lost.

(Ellen Lubic, Director of Joining Forces for Education is a Public Policy educator/writer. Views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the views of CityWatch or its ownership.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Further proof of whitewashing of Gulen ties to Magnolia Science Academy, Larson Communication

More money is going away from American students and classrooms to the promotion of Magnolia Science Academy and their CEO Caprice "Capricious" Young. Magnolia Science Academy hired Larson PR Communications to puff up Caprice Young's image as a trailblazing educational reformer. To write stories about Magnolia Science Academy's community support and good deeds. There is a direct effort to distance Magnolia Science Academy from the Gulen Movement, there is 100% proof from the expensive Public Relations firm of Larson Communication who is paid to whitewash the horrid truth about Magnolia Science Academy A GULENIST OPERATED CHARTER SCHOOL. To Caprice Young, lets see your sorry ass in court and try to deny any of this, the evidence is overwhelming you and your schools are not wanted in California.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Caprice Young epic failure at Santa Clara County School Board, another "Revision" request.

April 6th, 2016 Caprice Young, brought Gulenist Yilmaz Ak, new principal of Santa Clara Magnolia Science Academy Dr. Michele Ryan and her high priced attorney Jerry Simmons. To a pitiful hearing at the Santa Clara County School board to request a revision to their erratic and unstable plans.  The video is here and it's Agenda #10, kudos to Dr. Anna Song for holding Caprice Young accountable for her many excuses and blaming.  WATCH here Santa Clara County Office of Education board meeting

Here is what Caprice Young needs to do less of, BREAKING EDUCATIONAL CODES, never fear Caprice we know you had your webmaster take down the warning we have all the proof we need.  Do more of what works and that is being honest.

Shame on you Caprice Young, lying bitch.


Caprice Young despite denial by numerous school districts uses Larson PR to whitewash her image

Caprice Young needs to do less of paying for Larson PR
to fix her horrid reputation and image.  These "Opinions" that
Caprice is writing are biased and full of nonsense.
Los Angeles Unified’s Board of Education and the courts took significant actions this past week that planted the seeds of positive strategies to improve public education in Los Angeles. Now is the time for leaders to choose to work together for real change in a bold new student-focused direction that unites the resources of our community efficiently and effectively.  Work together? like you not working with the superintendents of Santa Clara County or using legal intimidations against those that deny your lousy schools?
The two resolutions put forward independently by rival factions of the school board both have the same intent: do more of what works for families and students. One resolution calls on the superintendent to identify existing programs that successfully interest and educate students so they can be expanded and copied. The other goes straight to one logical conclusion: create more of the popular magnet schools that families crave because of their thematic focus and concentration on teacher collaboration. "rival factions" you got a war going on against public education? what sacrifices are charter schools willing to compromise- perhaps more transparency on top heavy salaries and lack of communication with overseeing school boards.  you take but you don't give and this will be your downfall Caprice Young.
Like crowdsourcing for good policy-making, these efforts build on the wisdom of parents who are actively engaged. They leverage that knowledge to build expanded opportunities for all students. Combined with a real focus on the expansion of strong charter schools and innovative pilot schools, we could be headed in the right direction.  More generic and non specific dribble, it's all blah blah blah.  
As we expand what is working in public education, we also need to stop doing what is not working. The LAUSD board should not invest more public dollars appealing last week’s court decision forcing the school district to pay $7.1 million in damages to an academically successful community charter school for denying its students the legally required facilities. Instead, the school board should create a joint task force that includes charter school representatives and land-use planners from the city of Los Angeles and surrounding communities to create guidelines for facilities use and sharing. Ivy Academia was NOT "academially successful" however they were successfully indicted and found guilty of embezzlement by the District Attorney and in fact were sentenced to jail time.  This school operated by Russian nationals used educational dollars for spa treatments, expensive dinners and cars.  This is what Caprice Young uses as a model of "success".  Furthermore the LAUSD should absolutely appeal this stealing of educational money and recall prop 39 so other criminal charter schools like Ivy Academia cannot use legal means to steal more money from California Taxpayers.  No wonder Caprice Young supported along with her old company CCSA AB 2806 that would control investigations of charter schools by OIG (Office of the Inspector General   See aricle here on Ivy Academia indictment Click here
LAUSD must stop acting like an isolated fiefdom. In 1999, it had a genuine reason to take through eminent domain more than 4,000 homes, apartments and other real estate parcels. Out of 740,000 students, 330,000 had to ride the bus every day in order to find space to go to school. Making the hard decisions to invest in the physical infrastructure required to educate our students took the entire community coming together to find 130 new school locations and to vote for billions in public bonds and the taxes to pay for them. It was a national civic achievement that must not be squandered.  Caprice talk about what Magnolia is going to do less of that doesn't work, your job isn't to "analyze" LAUSD or other school districts, you are paid to lead Magnolia Science Academies and thus far have failed tremendously. 
That success is now threatened as the echo of the baby boom class recedes, emigration increases and those gleaming new schools — the last of which is scheduled to open in Bell next year — stand half empty. At the same time, bureaucratic red tape and LAUSD hostility to publicly coveted charter schools has driven a building boom of small facilities by community school leaders eager to meet parent demand. Ah what is the matter are ou afraid that the new Bell facility will take from your Magnolia Science Academy in Bell that shares a campus.  Are you worried about competition?  
On one hand, the proliferation of charter schools on 20,000- to 40,000-square-foot parcels increases the cost of needed real estate for housing and business development. On the other hand, neighborhoods where good schools spring up begin to flourish, sparking revitalization — often in some of the highest-poverty communities. What our neighborhoods really need is clear planning and collaboration integrating housing, business, public space and educational uses. That begins with effectively using the schools the public already built for the educational programs families want and need.
The entire LAUSD board will need to accept that charter public schools will remain a vital, vibrant part of our educational landscape at the same time as it identifies and replicates existing great programs. My hope is that during this process, the city and county government entities, charters and LAUSD will realize that our system of education continues to have gaping holes for foster youth, gifted children and many others, and fill them. Magnolia Science Academy is not a vital, vibrant part of any educational landscape.  This is why you have been denied your new applications. 
We now have the opportunity to double down and create strong programs to meet the unique needs of our kids. Obviously, it has never been simple, but as former school board member Jackie Goldberg says, “If consensus is easy, you’re not doing it right.” It’s time to do it right. We have the capacity to do it sanely, keeping the good of our entire community in mind. I’m not talking about a grand plan, with more talking than doing. If we just do more of what works and less of what does not work, we can inch towards progress instead of continuing backwards. Magnolia Public Schools is a Gulen School and you are not doing anything right, that is why your schools are not wanted by any school districts.  Take your own advice and jump start your career and reputation before it's too late. No one that matters cares what you have to say you lost your credibility years ago.  
Caprice Young, Ed.D., is CEO of Magnolia Public Schools and a former board president of LAUSD.

Magnolia Science Academy photo bomb politicians to appear credible

Gulenist Principal Mustafa Sahin along with another Gulenist (this may be his wife)
stand with 2 of the Magnolia Students honored by Congressman Brad Sherman
in front of Magnolia Science Academy and a banner welcoming Sherman
Gulen Movement has very strong intentions to "spread into the arteries of the system" as their leader has ordered them.  The movement uses all tactics to infiltrate politics, education, media, dialogue, judiciary and other spheres of influences. 
These tactics include:
lying, false marketing, bribes, manipulation, intimidations, cajoling, campaign contributions and paying expensive "spokes persons"

Here is a sample of Magnolia Science Academy shameless photo bombing.

Congressman Brad Sherman paid a visit to Magnolia Science Academy Reseda, CA to give
some Congressional awards to Magnolia students. Doubtful Sherman will be doing any favors for the Gulen Movement.

Magnolia's Hizmet kids show up for science expo - kids of Gulenist Kubilay Dikyurt

GULEN MOVEMENT features is putting on a "show" always the same 
predictable nature.  

Ahmet and Emir Dikyurt are the twin sons of Kubilay Dikyurt who is the President of the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce.  He is friends with businessman Remzi Oten who is on the board of the Magnolia Science Academy and one of the orginal applicants of Magnolia Science Academy.  He and another original applicant of MSA still reside in California, the rest are back in Turkey, 2 are on the east coast.

Here is Kubilay Dikyurt mentioned in the Wikileaks cables having to do with Gulen activities, this has to do with his planning of the Anattolia Festival with the other Gulen Organization Pacifica Insitute


The Gulen Turkish businessmen have already taken over the port of Somalia
and other ports, they are controlling import and export, study port management
and are in key areas in SE Asia Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc.,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gülen Charter Schools Investigation Press Conference

Magnolia Science Academy mentioned several times especially at 20:00

Magnolia Science Academy links to Gulen - Capricious Caprice Young is a liar --Ozgur Yildiz Case Study

We have given several examples of links to Gulen and the Magnolia Schools.  Besides the fact many of the teachers have taught at other "Gulen Inspired" schools they also moonlight as lobbyists for the movement.  Make no mistake about it they have no loyalty to America or Turkey everything the Gulen Movement cult does is to advance their movement and make more MONEY.
Take the case of Ozgur Yildiz - aka known as "The incredible shrinking Turk" 
Flyer from Caprice Young's talk at the Gulen Movement's Pacifica Institute
We beg to ask the question- Is Caprice Young paid to lead a group of troubled Gulen Charter Schools
or as a mouthpiece lobbyists for Gulen's Pacifica Institute?

Ozgur Yildiz started out as one of the famous h1-b Visa Teachers, he teaches at the Arizona based Sonoran Science Academy schools in Arizona.  Ozgur is also the contact person for Daisy Education Grants, and other funding.  NOTE- his first name can be Ozgur or Ozkur

Ozgur has been very active photo bombing at different events just like "Capricious" Caprice Young.

Both Ozgur and Caprice have spoke for the Gulen Pacifica Institute which lists it's honorary president and inspiration as exiled Imam Fethullah Gulen

Ozgur is also the President of the West American Turkic Council and speaks for Gulen Pacifica Institute

All of these "Federation Presidents" started as h1-b visa teachers turned Gulen Lobbyists.

Here is "Capricious" Caprice Young speaking at the "Gulen Inspired" Pacifica Institute.
Capricious Caprice Young

Pacifica Insitute shared office space with Accord Insititute (now Accord Education) Ozgur Yildiz was a featured teacher of Turkish Culture for Magnolia Science Academy students who thought they were going to a Turkish cultural center.  But they were merely caught in the web of the Gulen Movement- lies, deception, and general spider web of corruption. 

Ozgur was the lead original applicant for the failed charter School at Mokapu Air Force Base under
Daisy Education, the applicant name later changed to Pacifica Institute as the applicant.  Pacifica has also failed in Seattle as an applicant for a Coral Academy of Science (Nevada Gulen Schools)

The Hawaii Free Press did a series of articles on Gulen Movement , Osgur Yildez and Mokapu
Ozgur is always in photo bomb pictures with politicians from John Kerry to Hillary Clinton

Click here for more on Ozgur Yildez

Ozgur Yildez at the White House X mas party
Many of the "Ramadan" dinners are sponsored at the White House
by the Gulen Lobbying via Rumi Forum