Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Magnolia Science Academy (Magnolia Public Schools) Conditional renewal to "REDUCE" enrollment



The Armenian Genocide item starts at 01:53:40, followed by Magnolia's renewal starting at 02:07:55.


Reviewing the tapes of the March 4, 2014 LAUSD board meeting, was quite interesting.  It seems the “boys” were not too happy with the outcome.  On the agenda was the renewal of Magnolia Science Academy #6 and 7.  Magnolia #6 was included in an audit 18 months ago that cited deficiencies in financial and poor record keeping of employees as well as student records.  (nothing new for the “boys”)  See copy of audit here:

Magnolia Science Academy now referred to as "Magnolia Public Schools"

After the usual testimony of unvalidated supportive parents, who questionably read from pre coached testimony discussing how the “Magnolia Family” saved their autistic or failing child who is now “thriving”.  Parents touched on ESL, Special Needs and multiculturalism.  One parent boasting how for field trips my son gets to go to Turkey.   It was obvious from the recording these parents were from a lower social economic group and had a set of other issues they faced from drug addiction to unemployment which allowed them to be in the audience in the middle of the day.   Generally the Gulenists bus in the parents with a free lunch included and it might be noted that appeared to be the case as they sat huddled together with the boys in the first two rows.

It is unclear how these trips to Turkey are paid for, as the schools are in very low poverty, high unemployment crime areas it would be doubtful these parents would have an extra $2,000 to pay for their child’s trip to Turkey. Further questioning on this in light of the “financial issues” of Magnolia Science Academy should have been discussed.  These parents seem to be sold a bill of goods that the Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising of the “Gulen inspired” Schools is noted for.  The tape recording sounded like the Janissary style of the Ottomans who would indoctrinate children identified throughout Europe, middle east and north Africa into their customs to further the Ottoman era Turkification business agenda.   Promises of a college education and the usual Gulen mantras.

California State Assembly which passed the Armenian Genocide Educational Bill 659
The Turkish Islamic operated Magnolia Public Schools will be required to teach this.
The session was filled with other tributes and bills many honoring the cultural landscape of California.  One was for the great Cesear Chavez who led the human rights of UFW, (United Farm Workers).  However not mentioned in the presentation was how Dolores Huerta his right hand person led much of the rights and continued this vision after his death.  Watching the Gulenists in this tape, they must be thinking that one day they will get a tribute in California for Gulen for his unspecific work in peace and dialog building.

The other observation from the video session that was implementation of the Armenian Genocide AB1915 or referred to as Assembly Bill 659  that was supported by various California State Legislatures.   Whereas making the teaching of this genocide at the hands of the Young Turk regime of the Ottoman era would be taught in books and oral history.   It is obvious this piece of legistature, didn’t make the “boys” happy as they go along with the denialism that Turkey had no problems and continues to have no problems with it’s minorities who were the true indigenous people of the Republic of Turkey (ROT) implement by Ataturk’s Constitution in 1923. (ROT) was formed from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire of which Gulen professes to want to restore the glory days of the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate Janissary style with Turkification policies underhandedly restored.

 Given the sizeable community of Armenians out in California and many that have a strong foothold in politics (even the ex Governor of that state Deukmejian was of Armenian decent)  It is highly unlikely the Magnolia Science Academies will grow or ever have any kind of tribute to Turkish cultures contributions to the state.  It was put of record that the Magnolia schools would have to teach the Armenian Genocide.   It would be also appropriate to teach the Native American Genocides and the terrible incarceration of Japanese Californians during WW2.  In fact, one of the co authors Assemblymen of the Armenian Genocide AB1915 had sent various testimonies to board member Ratcliff who read them on the floor.  

 The gest of their approval was to ask for a REDUCTION of class sizes and class grades for Magnolia 6 and 7.  Whereas this is a departure from the regular ranting of the “boys” to grow share of POWER at all costs lying to parents and telling them their kids are geniuses when they are below average buys them a few short favors from the impoverished people they claim to serve.  Here is the Board Agenda with the request for REDUCTION by Magnolia Education foundation.

 After several testimonies of the regular “rah rah” Gulen school, it should be noted that one testimony brought up the fact that Mehmet Argin, current CEO of Magnolia Education  (formerly with the “GULEN INSPIRED” Arizona Schools – Sonoran Science Academy)  just failed 2 weeks prior to get a school via the San Diego Unified School District.  Additionally, the closure of their campus in Orangevale, CA and the many other unanswered questions regarding “their true agenda”  It was also noted that the Gulen Schools in Turkey have been ordered closed by the Turkish Parliament and there is civil unrest.  There was extensive discussion about the unstable enrollment numbers of Magnolia Science Academies. 

There was a question of whether the American children would even be safe in a country where there is a struggle between Islamic Gulenists vs. the status quo of the Secular Elite (Kemalist).  Also testifying was the auditing department citing ongoing issues and some issues that were corrected by Magnolia 6 and 7.  The principal of  #7 spoke, as the token female she was noticeable difficult to understand with a thick Asian accent, it’s unclear if she was from one of the Turkic Countries or simply part of the Gulen show of “diversity” But as we all know, the ultimate control of the school and the money is always in the Turk’s hands.  The auditor cited that he did noticed other deficiencies and the DENIAL of their school in San Diego as well as shuttering of their Orangevale, CA campus. The auditor spoke about the ties to the Gulen Movement that there was evidence that teachers were “followers” of the Gulen Movement this was validated by the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) that was also present. However, the school was not a Gulen School per se.

Audit was ordered pending outcome by June 30, 2014.  An updated audit would be conducted by the department and ongoing by the OIG.  The renewal was “conditional” based on further evaluation and outcome.  The API scores were questioned how it was not a clean sampling of all their students but rather the usual only scores of the top performing creaming out the undesirables (as usual).  This is an old trick by all charter schools to appear as though they are improving test scores but not reporting a true clean number from the ENTIRE sample pool or student body. 

Magnolia Science Education gets "CONDITIONAL" approval for Schools 6 and 7 despite ongoing financial issues


   In one of its shorter meetings — under five hours — the board covered a lot of other territory, with discussions on Cesar Chavez, Armenian genocide, water conservation, Women’s History Month, National Library Week and figuring out a way to encourage district employees to get health coverage. The members also spent a few hours deliberating the future of a handful of schools, based on their fiscal viability.

Conditional charter renewals for Magnolia Science Academy 6 and 7 were approved in a five to one vote, with Kayser, again, as the only dissenter.

An audit conducted in 2012 revealed a “clear misappropriation of funds” at the two schools – located in board District 1, which is currently unrepresented, and Tamar Galatzan’s District 3. But Jose Cole-Gutierrez, Director of LA Unified’s Charter School Division, said Magnolia Public Schools, the company behind the science academies, has rectified the deficiencies in their financial systems.

Board member Steve Zimmer had other misgivings about the approval, given that the school’s declining enrollment and plans to downsize even more “.


*AGENDA analysis


Magnolia is seeking renewal for MSA-6 (on the border of Culver City) and MSA-7 in Northridge. In addition, it is seeking approval to decrease its enrollment capacity and grade levels served at both schools.


MSA-6 (sometimes called MSA-Palms) was originally authorized for a capacity of 575 students in grades 6-11. Now it wants to reduce to 300 students in grades 6-8.


It opened in 2009 with 74 students (6 & 7). In 2010-11 it had 168 students (6-8). In 2011-12 it had 154 students in (6-8), and in 2012-13 it only had 136 students (6-8).


MSA-7 (sometimes called MSA-Van Nuys) was originally authorized as a 6-11 school but obtained approval for a revision to a K-8 school in June 2010 before the school opened.


Its original capacity was for 425 students in grades K-8. Now it wants to reduce to 300 students in grades K-5.

In opened in 2010 with 96 students (K-5). In 2011-12 it had 121 students (K-5). In 2012-13 it had 233 students (K-5). 



Dear LAUSD Board Members, Superintendent Deasy, Director Cole-Gutierrez, Mr. Bramlett, and Mr. Holmquist,

I just viewed the portion of the LAUSD board meeting where the two Magnolia Science Academy schools were conditionally renewed. You were not fully advised about the extent of the Magnolia CMO's problems.

1. Problems in San Diego:

Magnolia’s most recent attempt to open another school in San Diego (MSA-Next Generation) was rejected 3:2 by the SDUSD school board on 2/4/2014.

Be sure to read the charter school office report and recommendation for denial (Item E-1).

Among the numerous reasons, you’ll see that low scores were cited for other schools in the chain.

The meeting was recorded so, if you have the time, listen to the discussion and the rationale for the decision. It runs from 4:33 min. to 56:25 min.

The denial recommendation presented by Susan Park of the SDUSD charter school division cited the financial problems that have both been reported by the CDE (for the PacTech schools, Magnolia's statewide benefit charter schools) AND the Santa Clara County Office of Education (for MSA-Santa Clara). Magnolia was issued a formal notice of concerns by both of those authorizers.

  * (dated 10/17/2013)
  * (dated 5/13/2013)

Interestingly, the San Diego USD people did not bring up the August 2012 LAUSD OIG report on Magnolia 1, 2, and 3. Perhaps they were unaware of it.

2. Problems in Costa Mesa:

Pacific Technology School – Santa Ana in Costa Mesa has been operating “under a rare state authorization set to expire in June. Because the charter organization no longer runs enough schools to qualify for the “statewide benefit” authorization.”

In other words, its current statewide benefit charter expires in June 2014 and Magnolia must either find a new authorizer for this school or close it.

Under a new name, Magnolia Science Academy – Santa Ana, Magnolia submitted an application to Santa Ana USD. On 10/8/2014, that board denied the charter petition.

So, as expected, Magnolia went on to appeal to the Orange County Department of Education. On 2/12/2014, that appeal was denied.

Magnolia may not have anywhere else to turn at this point. Perhaps they could ask the SBOE to authorize a single school, but I'm not sure. Plus given the multiple situations and recent history of denials, I doubt the state board would be willing to approve a charter school for them.

3. Problems in Orangevale:

Magnolia quietly closed Pacific Technology School in Orangevale (near Sacramento) at the end of 2012-13. That school was the second of two Magnolia-operated Pacific Technology Schools (statewide benefit charter schools). The Orangevale school had been struggling with getting sufficient enrollment but I have not found anything official about why it was closed. The reason is likely related to Magnolia’s financial problems.

4. On Magnolia's Gulen Movement connectivity

Of course Magnolia Public Schools (previously Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation, before that the Dialog Cultural, Scientific & Educational Foundation) is a Gulen Movement-associated organization! It is part of the Gulen Movement's large US charter school network, which is part of the Gulen Movement's global network of schools.

If you not know about Fethullah Gulen and his group of followers, this video presentation will explain things to you.

The Gulen Movement is a highly secretive and extremely controversial, cult-like, hierarchical, foreign-based religious group with a history of shady dealings.*

Since LAUSD is the authorizer for the majority of the Gulen charter schools in California, you may want to understand what you are dealing with.

I will prepare and send additional information to you about Magnolia's connectivity to the Gulen Movement. In the meantime:

  1.  Excerpt from "The Global Imam", published by The New Republic in November 2010: "Such schools—many with fuzzy-happy names like Harmony, Magnolia, Pinnacle, and Amity—are only part of the cornucopia of cultural offerings that the movement has brought to the United States.",1#
  2.  Translated portion of an article published by the Turkish daily Millyet in August 2010 reported that “The Walton family, founder of Wal-mart, the worldwide retail giant, has donated millions of dollars to schools considered to be associated with the Gülen community... The school that has benefited the most from the donations of the foundation is the Magnolia Science Academy in California.”

It always amazes me to realize that people in Turkey were presented with information about the Gulen Movement's California schools back in 2010 while the unknowing taxpayers here who are being forced to support the Movement's charter schools still are not.

You need to be aware that Magnolia regularly involves its students with events sponsored by local Gulenist organizations (the Pacifica Institute and its affiliates). Pacifica Institute's connection to the Gulen Movement is confirmed in this 2008 embassy cable.

This video report features Magnolia and other Gulen charter school students from the western region competing in a Pacifica Institute-sponsored event in 2009 (NOTE: Ebru TV is a Gulen Movment-associated English-language TV station).

This piece features a photo of Magnolia students at a Pacifica Institute-organized festival in 2011. (NOTE: Today's Zaman is a Gulen Movment-associated English-language newspaper).

I attended that exact same festival for three days in order to observe. I was quite surprised to see the fairgrounds swarming with Magnolia and Pacific Technology School students on both Thursday and Friday, where a minimum of 30 school buses filled the parking lot on those days. I was stunned to periodically hear the Muslim call to prayer over the loudspeaker at the Pacifica Institute's festival. After the call, many people (mostly men) headed over to the festival's Blue Mosque facsimile and assembled themselves to pray (gender separated of course). The point here is that Magnolia students were taken to a festival where regular religious services were being held.

I've also attended a Turkish festival in Monterey that was sponsored by non-Gulenist Turkish American organization. There was no call to prayer.

I want to emphasize to you that Magnolia has never revealed the extent of its Turkish cultural emphasis in its charter school applications. This is the case for all Gulen charter schools across the country. Beyond the monetary advantages to the Gulen Movement's charter school (the US is the only country where the host country's taxpayers fully fund their schools), other reasons that these schools have been started are to implement Fethullah Gulen's educational philosophy, to recruit sympathizers for the Gulen Movement, and to develop in students an allegiance to Gulen's vision of a more powerful Turkey. The video explains how the Gulen Movement recruits its new members in Turkey.

Hopefully, once you grasp what is going on, you will also think it would be important for the unknowing parents in Los Angeles to know the truth. The Magnolia school operators are not about to expain it to them.

At any rate, I hope this information will interest you. There are many reasons to extra-heavily scrutinize the finances and goings-on at the Magnolia schools and to be skeptical about whatever they present to you.

* A major Turkish political crisis involving Gulen and his followers has made headlines in recent months. For example:

  *   1/20/2014, LA Times: “From his Pa. compound, Fethullah Gulen shakes up Turkey.”,0,5836184,full.story#axzz2qwi3iBtQ
  *   2/5/2014, NY Times (appeared in the magazine on 2/9): “Whose Turkey Is It?” .

Both articles mention the US schools.



Magnolia Science Academy and changing America's children into Janissaries for Turkey

Who pays for all these trips to Turkey, could be the reason Magnola Schools have a financial shortfall
The usual promise of college, trips to Turkey and awards is very enticing for the impoverished population that Magnolia Science Academy serves.  This theme is prevalent throughout the USA and worldwide by the Islamic Gulen Missionary teachers. 
Parents are happy to hear their children who were getting F's and D's at traditional public schools are now magically getting A's and awards at the Gulen sponsored contests (Math Matters, Science Olympiad, Turkish Olympiad, etc.,) 
The children are praised and given "extra" attention by the Fethullah Gulen Missionary Teachers.  What parent wouldn't want to see their child happy traveling to Turkey, dancing and speaking Turkish and feeling successful. 
Building a "Golden Generation" that Gulen refers to is using some of the methods of the Ottoman era Janissary Programs.  A entire generation of children worldwide that will speak Turkish and be loyal to Turkey for giving them an education. 

The Janissaries were chosen before they reached adulthood from among the Christian population living in Anatolia and the Balkan peninsula to become the elite fighting force of the Ottoman Empire. A portion of these selected children, as they were considered to be more talented, received a higher standard of education to become the ruling class of viziers as well as engineers, architects, physicians and scientists.

From the 1380s to 1648, the Janissaries were gathered through the devşirme system which was abolished in 1638.[6] This was the taking (enslaving) of non-Muslim boys,[7] notably Anatolian and Balkan Christians; Jews were never subject to devşirme, nor were children from Turkic families. In early days, all Christians were enrolled indiscriminately. Later, those from Northern Greece and Serbia were preferred.[8][9]
The Janissaries were kapıkulları (sing. kapıkulu), "door servants" or "slaves of the Porte", neither freemen nor ordinary slaves (Turkish: köle).[10] They were subjected to strict discipline and were the first army to wear a uniform, but were paid salaries and pensions upon retirement and formed their own distinctive social class.[11] As such, they became one of the ruling classes of the Ottoman Empire, rivaling the Turkish aristocracy. The brightest of the Janissaries were sent to the palace institution, Enderun. Through a system of meritocracy, the Janissaries held enormous power, stopping all efforts at reform of the military.[6]
According to military historian Michael Antonucci and economic historians Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane, the Turkish administrators would scour their regions (but especially the Balkans) every five years for the strongest sons of the sultan's Christian subjects. These boys (usually between the ages of 6 and 14) were then taken from their parents and given to Turkish families in the provinces to learn Turkish language and customs, and the rules of Islam. The recruits were indoctrinated into Islam, and supervised 24 hours a day. They were subjected to severe discipline, being prohibited from growing a beard, taking up a skill other than soldiering, and marrying. As a result, the Janissaries were extremely well-disciplined troops, and became members of the Askeri class, the first-class citizens or military class. Most were non-Muslims because it was not permissible to enslave a Muslim.[6] This elite corps was second only to the sultan in the Ottoman Empire

Turkification policies of the Ottoman Empire

Registration of boys for the devşirme. Ottoman miniature painting from the Süleymanname, 1558 janissaries


Magnolia Scence Academy's Pacifica Institute scrambling for all the support they can purchase

It seems after Magnolia Science Academy's CONDITIONAL renewal pending the outcome of a current audit and discussion with the OIG (Office of the Investigation General) and the Charter Auditors.  Gulen's front group in California Pacifica Institute is scrambling to muster up all the political support they can.
This "LAW ENFORCEMENT" Session with San Diego District Attorney General Duffy was announced would take place in  April 2014.  The Gulen Movement still believes they can purchase support or align themselves with LAW ENFORCEMENT and somehow that will turn their current situation of financial deficiencies around.
Does the Pacifica Institute understand how many U.S Attorneys are in the State of California?  Laura Duffy is one of 2,000.

Pacifica Institute has previously had Monica Garcia of the LAUSD speak, additionally mayors of Pasadena and Beverly Hills.  Members of the FBI and former Sheriff Leroy Baca.
Giving campaign contributions or allowing LAW ENFORCEMENT a platform for community outreach will not overturn the decision in San Diego or magically stop the ongoing audit.  Laura Duffy is another example of window dressings for the Titanic.