Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Monday, March 28, 2016

Caprice Young of Gulen operated Magnolia Science Academy tries to manipulate other charter schools BUTT HURT

Caprice Young is butt hurting from being denied 7 applications in California.  Instead of trying to fix the flawed applications and accept responsibility, Caprice decides to join up with "misery loves company" and rope other charter schools into her battle.
Instead of realizing this is about the Gulen operated Magnolia Science Academy that she is the CEO / Superintendent of she tries to make this into a Charter School vs. Public School battle (which it is not)
Here is Caprice Young out with a few other charter school operators in Los Angeles and Nina the National Director of Charters Schools in DC.

To Caprice:
Here is your Butt Hurt form fill it out
and file it under "who cares"

Caprice Young tells a lie about her "Staff" not being associated with Gulen-Magnolia Science Academy

Caprice Young publicly denies the obvious-even-to-the-Turkish-government link between her charter chain and the Gulen Movement. Her assertion about human rights would raise the eyebrows of thousands of people jailed in Turkey during the former collaboration between the Gulenists and the equally authoritarian President Erdogan. My question is this: why is a secretive sect leader with grand political ambitions being funded in the US via the charter school sector?

Incidentally, one of the Magnolia board members just dropped $100k on Correct The Record, a Hillary super-pac. The Gulenists glommed onto the Clintons a long time ago and it's been nothing but love and money ever since; they undoubtedly view Hillary Clinton as central to their worldwide advancement.

Here's the receipt.

Remzi Oten

Caprice Young of Gulen operated Magnolia Science Academy inserts foot in mouth

"The president of Turkey is busy shooting down Russian planes and smuggling arms to Syria. Doesn’t he have better things to do?” Young asked rhetorically. “The members of my staff are folks who value human rights.”  Caprice Young go fuck yourself, you are insulting Turkey and Erdogan while protecting the criminals that hired you for big money to straighten up their mess.  

 — A science and technology charter school with branches throughout California is delaying plans to start an academy in Oceanside while it focuses on expansion plans elsewhere in Southern California, officials said.
The decision by Orange County-based Magnolia Public Schools isn’t linked to controversy surrounding its financial record-keeping or to recent criticism by the Turkish government over whether the school’s Turkish-American founders support civil rights protections for Kurds in the southern part of that country. Gulen ordered Kurds to be killed several times and they were slaughtered back in December 2012.  Liars Kurds hate the Gulen Movement. 
The charter group had originally announced in mid-December that it had hoped to open a branch in Oceanside, but withdrew the petition in January to make fixes to the document. It’s now putting the charter petition on the back burner altogether until other projects are completed first.
“We’ll still go forward in Oceanside, but we are not in a big rush,” said Magnolia’s CEO Caprice Young. “We’ll step back and do it in a way that is done right at the right time.” Whether it’s done in 2017 or 2018, we definitely want to service Oceanside,” she said.
The proposed Magnolia Science Academy-Oceanside would eventually serve grades K-12 and emphasize science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. The charter school had planned to open in August 2017 with about 180 students, according to its original application filed with Oceanside Unified School District. The company has faced challenges over its efforts to expand and over its bookkeeping. The Turkey matter is its most recent controversy.
Turkish leaders have hired a U.S.-based law firm to urge the state to further investigate Magnolia’s financial dealings. School officials said the move is political, because the school’s founders backed a petition drive seeking civil rights protections for embattled Kurds in southeast Turkey. Some of the school’s teachers are Turkish educators who are in the United States on visas. Liars Kurds hate Gulen Movement and burned their schools down.  
“It’s just baffling that the (prime minister) of Turkey is meddling in local schools in the United States,” said Young, a former president of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s board and the founder of the California Charter Schools Association, a powerful lobbying group with L.A. and Sacramento offices.  Dumb Bitch Erdogan isn't the Prime Minister he is the President of Turkey.  
“It’s frustrating and a distraction,” she said.
Critics have asserted that the Magnolia campuses have ties to a U.S.-based Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania.
An apparent power struggle between the followers of Gulen and those around Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reached a new pitch of intensity.
“The president of Turkey is busy shooting down Russian planes and smuggling arms to Syria. Doesn’t he have better things to do?” Young asked rhetorically. “The members of my staff are folks who value human rights.”
Magnolia, which serves 3,790 students statewide, oversees a network of charter schools throughout California, including one in San Diego, at 6365 Lake Atlin Ave., as well as one in San Jose, eight in Los Angeles County and one in Orange County.
In San Diego County, Magnolia’s sixth- through eighth-grade science academy on the former campus of Cleveland Elementary School was sold last year to a Newport Beach-based real estate developer, Preface JCR Lake Atlin LLC, for $5.8 million. The developer plans to redevelop the 8.67-acre parcel into a single-family residential subdivision.
Magnolia is in the process of negotiating a move to San Diego Unified School District’s old De Anza school site, at 6575 Estrella Ave. It has plans to develop a new middle school, and is negotiating a lease on the De Anza property where it would pay a total of $1.2 million over the next five years, according to the school district.
A Magnolia elementary and high school also are under consideration near the De Anza School Young said.
Young was hired by the charter school group more than a year ago to strengthen Magnolia’s management, fix accounting and legal problems and create more transparency for the nonprofit. Young is doing a lousy job, we hear she is paid $600,000 to clean up the gulenists dirty diapers.
In recent years, multiple audits into the charter school group — including ones conducted by the California state auditor, Los Angeles Unified School District, the California School Finance Authority and others — found that the umbrella group that oversees the charter schools was in the red.
Young said that the Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation has fixed a majority of the accounting problems by hiring an outside vendor to run its financial affairs. It is on schedule to fix the remaining balance sheet issues by a May deadline.
Meanwhile, Standard & Poor’s upgraded the charter school’s credit rating last year to “stable” from “negative,” giving Magnolia room to borrow money more cheaply.
The state also is placing more confidence in Magnolia’s accounting as the school financing authority approved a $17.4 million loan to the charter school group to build a new facility in Santa Ana — expected to open this August. The school got this money under false pretenses and never disclosed they were a troubled organization.
The school wants to expand in Fremont and Anaheim, where it has fought to lift a moratorium on charter schools. There was no "Moratorium" the people in those towns didn't want Magnolia or Caprice Young.
And, lastly, Magnolia is bidding on a contract to run the 20th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles as a charter after parents there petitioned for a change in administration for the poorly performing public school. This will not happen.  
“Our major goal is to serve underserved  students and we want to do that in a way that is of the  highest quality,” Young said. “We do that in places where we are most wanted.” You were denied 7 applications no one wants you or your lying bastard Gulenists.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gulen Schools in Hispanic News-Escuelas Publicas en Magnolia

Sistema de escuelas públicas en Magnolia contamina la red escolar pública en California

La educación de nuestros hijos es un bien precioso, pero frágil
Escuelas Públicas de Magnolia, parte de la mayor red de escuelas autónomas (charter schools) en los Estados Unidos, parece estar fallando a los niños latinos. Comunidades hispanas representan 53.25 por ciento del alumnado total en California y se enfrentan a enormes obstáculos educativos. Como acertadamente afirma la Asociación Nacional de Educación (NEA en Inglés) “Los huecos de logro estudiantiles [hispanos] deben abordarse agresivamente”. Ni que decir que los estudiantes latinos en California merecen los mismos beneficios educativos y las ventajas que niños de otras pertenencias étnicas. La educación pública es y debe seguir siendo el Gran Ecualizador.
Los expertos en educación nos dicen que la clave para el éxito académico de los estudiantes es maestros calificados y acreditados. De hecho la calificación del profesor es tan fundamental que ha sido codificada en ley federal de educación. Considerando esta condición básica, resulta chocante que una vasta red nacional de escuelas y negocios encabezados por clérigo Turco Fethullah Gülen sistemáticamente está importando personas sin credenciales y menos calificados de Turquía para ocupar puestos de enseñanza en sus escuelas. En California, esta práctica es notoria debido al exceso de educadores con credenciales ya buscando trabajo.
Los archivos federales muestran que la organización de Gülen a escala nacional recibió más de 5,000 visados H1-B en 2012, que se utilizan principalmente para importar a los hombres Turcos en posiciones de enseñanza que aparentemente no pueden ser ocupadas por los solicitantes en los Estados Unidos. El gran número de visas solo pide investigación sobre Magnolia y sus escuelas autónomas hermanas en los Estados Unidos están cumpliendo con las leyes federales de inmigración que obliga a que los maestros basados en Estados Unidos en primer lugar se les dio la oportunidad adecuada para cubrir estos puestos antes de que los trabajos se asignan a seleccionados nacionales Turcos en el extranjero.
Por otra parte, los denunciantes de la organización Gülen y sus escuelas autónomas informan que estos maestros Turcos importados uniformemente están mal pagados por sus empleadores de escuelas autónomas quienes amenazan con revocar visados si los profesores extranjeros protestan. Si es cierto, estas prácticas ascienden a nada menos que la servidumbre y el tráfico de seres humanos. También cabe destacar que profesores Turcos en las escuelas de organización Gülen se evalúan no por sus habilidades de enseñanza, pero en si cumplen metas mensuales en un sistema secreto diseñado para inculcar valores Turcos y principios Gülenistas en los estudiantes.
Mientras se desarrollan las investigaciones en las escuelas afiliadas a Gülen en casi dos docenas de estados, incluyendo investigaciones federales en curso y una sonda del Congreso, aprenderemos más sobre la malversación presunta de la organización de Gülen de fondos estatales y federales, autotransacciones ilegales, fraude de inmigración, contribuciones políticas y giras ilegales de miembros del Congreso y sus empleados.
Un próximo documental titulado “Killing Ed [Matando a Ed]” capta lo que parece ser un modelo de corrupción presunta y la ilegalidad de las escuelas autónomas pertenecientes de la organización Gülen, y tipifica el profundo daño redes corporatizadas de escuelas autónomas son capaces de infligir a las comunidades locales si no están adecuadamente supervisados y, en su caso, juzgados. Este tipo de “Walmartización” de nuestro sistema de educación pública exige el más alto nivel de escrutinio.
Hoy, como vemos intereses socavar el bien de la gente que pretenden servir, el público debe ponerse de pie y insistir en una buena gestión pública supervisada eficiente y robustamente. Esto es particularmente cierto en nuestro sistema de escuelas públicas, donde los contribuyentes y el bienestar de nuestros hijos está en juego.
Una vislumbre de 2015 por el Auditor del estado de California en aspectos de Escuelas públicas de Magnolia — la rama de la red de las escuelas autónomas de la organización Gülen — era incapaz de explicar el 69 por ciento de las transacciones financieras que examinó. La misma auditoría del 2015 también encontró que Magnolia había pagado indebidamente casi $200,000.00 en fondos públicos a los abogados de inmigración y ha participado en autotransacciones masivas concediendo contratos sustanciales a otras entidades Gülen-afiladas sin seguir las pautas federales para abrir la licitación. Más significativamente, el Auditor del estado de California encontró indicios concretos que Magnolia es parte de la red nacional de escuelas autónomas y empresas lideradas por Fethullah Gülen.
Lamentablemente, estas señales alarmantes aún no han sido perseguidas por funcionarios del estado de California. Por lo tanto, desde lo profundo de mi corazón firmé mi nombre a una denuncia oficial emitida el 16 de febrero de 2016 en virtud de la California Uniforme Procedimiento de queja (UCP en Ingles), pidiendo el Departamento de Educación de California lanzar una investigación exhaustiva sobre las prácticas financieras y asociaciones de negocios de la red de Magnolia, que opera 11 activa escuelas autónomas en Condado de Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego y San Francisco. La UCP denuncia se puede encontrar en, junto con una petición que las personas interesadas pueden firmar, impulsando el Departamento de Educación de California a actuar.
El estado de California deben abrir una investigación inmediata y completa sobre las prácticas financieras de las escuelas públicas de Magnolia y en particular la relación de la red con la organización de Gülen. Las autoridades de California deben tomar todas las medidas disciplinarias, incluyendo el enjuiciamiento de cualquier actividad criminal descubierto en una investigación exhaustiva. Además, el estado de California deben compartir sus conclusiones con los reguladores y las autoridades en los 22 estados en los que la organización Gülen está operando escuelas autónomas, y con los investigadores federales, reguladores y fiscales. Aunque las enseñanzas religiosas del movimiento de Gülen debieran ser protegidas, a la organización de Gülen no le pueden permitir usar la fe como una cortina de humo para participar en actividades delictivas o saquear lo contrario dólares de los contribuyentes de las escuelas de nuestra comunidad local.
Hay motivos para el optimismo de la comunidad hispana en California. Según el NEA, “muchas escuelas en todo el país están implementando estrategias para satisfacer las necesidades únicas de los estudiantes hispanos. Con planificación sensible, el entendimiento cultural, el alcance comunitaria, participación paternal, y pedagogía apropiada, los estudiantes hispanos están viviendo el éxito académico. El aumento del uso y distribución de estos modelos podrían ayudar a un mayor número de estudiantes hispanos “.
La educación de nuestros hijos es un bien precioso pero frágil. Mientras los funcionarios de gobierno llevan a cabo su deber de proteger el sistema de educación pública de California de la manipulación y el abuso, el Gran Ecualizador seguirá nivelando el terreno de juego para los estudiantes hispanos.
El Dr. José F. Moreno es Presidente del Departamento y Profesor Asociado de Estudios de la Política y la Educación Latina en La Universidad Estatal de California Long Beach, y el orgulloso padre de cuatro estudiantes en distritos escolares destinados a la expansión de las escuelas públicas de Magnolia.
¿Quién es Fetullah Gülen, uno de los hombres más polémicos y cuestionados de Turquía? ¿Qué vínculos lo unían al presidente Recep Erdogan? ¿Cuál es el plan del movimiento de este predicador, que avanza ocupando puestos de poder e influencia en el Estado turco? En esta crónica, algunas de las respuestas al enigma más inquietante de la región.
1. Las mañanas en la finca de Pocono, en el estado de Pensylvania, transcurren acompañadas por el silencio del bosque que rodea su casa. Blanca, casi angelical, la casa de dos pisos es típica de Estados Unidos, construida con madera y techo a dos aguas. El interior es ameno y cálido; su habitación pequeña, sencilla y colorida. Un lugar simple, que no genera más sospechas que las personas que la habitan.
Fetullah Gülen, uno de los hombres más polémicos y cuestionados en Turquía, camina entre pinos acompañado por sus más estrechos colaboradores. Alrededor de ese hombre que mueve los hilos más sensibles del poder del Estado turco se tejen historias, acusaciones, demostraciones de admiración y un sinfín de hechos que intentan torcer la historia actual de Turquía. Sus seguidores son millones. Y entre sus detractores el más acérrimo es el presidente turco Recep Tayyip Erdogan, que pocos años atrás era su aliado incondicional.
Pero la casa en la cual El Predicador recibe a sus colaboradores y vive en un autoexilio que roza el misterio, es sólo una parte del complejo ubicado en la costa este de Estados Unidos. Frente a su hogar, se levanta una mansión señorial donde Gülen trabaja y teje, con las manos sensibles de un líder golpeado, una trama que cruza a toda Turquía pero también influye en más de cien países en el mundo. Porque el movimiento Gülen, como es conocido a nivel internacional, no se limita a la prédica del Islam sufí ni a la fundación de escuelas en todo el mundo, incluida Argentina; un grupo de fuertes empresarios turcos conviven en ese movimiento caído en desgracia en Turquía, pero que todavía se permite muy buenos y redituables negocios.
Mientras duró su alianza con Erdogan, Gülen dio una orden concreta y precisa: infectar al Estado turco de seguidores y cuadros del movimiento, principalmente en el Poder Judicial, y en los cuerpos de seguridad e inteligencia. Una de las ideas más poderosas que emitió Gülen fue en 1998, cuando les dijo a sus seguidores en un sermón filtrado por la prensa: "Tenemos que avanzar por las arterias del sistema hasta llegar a todos los centros de poder sin que nadie note nuestra existencia, aguardar el momento en que las condiciones estén maduras. Si hacemos algo antes de tiempo, el mundo va a herir nuestra cabeza y todos los musulmanes sufriremos… Nuestro tiempo no ha llegado aún. Debemos esperar las condiciones adecuadas para conseguir llevar el mundo en nuestras espaldas. Esperar hasta haber acumulado todo el poder del Estado junto con el dominio de todas las instituciones constitucionales de Turquía… La toma de cualquier tipo de medida sería un acto demasiado apresurado antes de que ese momento hubiese llegado. Sería como romper un huevo sin esperar los cuarenta días necesarios para su eclosión".
La idea fuerza del movimiento Gülen se encuentra en estas palabras. Palabras que, junto a otras acusaciones, le valieron a El Predicador un juicio por intentar cambiar la estructura secular del Estado turco y su posterior salida del país en 1999. La luz de Gülen, que se potenciaba con el poder político de Erdogan, comenzaría a apagarse en 2010.

2. "Siete millones de seguidores en más de ciento treinta países, mil quinientas escuelas con miles de alumnos diseminadas en todo el mundo, universidades en Turquía, grupos financieros, un banco, millones de dólares disponibles, fundaciones, medios de comunicación y una hermandad secreta en el tejido social y político turco. Esto es parte de lo que representa y constituye la enorme y poderosa red sin parangón en el mundo: el Movimiento Gülen". Así comienza el libro Fetullah Gülen. La enigmática red política turca llega a la Argentina, publicado en 2014 y cuyo autor es Pablo Kendikian, director de la agencia Prensa Armenia.
Hizmet (el Servicio) o Cemaat (Comunidad), así llaman sus propios miembros al movimiento Gülen, fundado en 1970...
the cia backed gulen start school In 1996, Nur trained 2000 rural teachers as agents of community development in Bolivia and 300 teachers in the La Rioja Province in Argentina. In 2002 Nur University was selected as a "Center for Educational Excellence" for the Andean region: an initiative launched at the Summit for the Americas, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)".

Critical Facts to the Magnolia chartr school debate

 Caprice Young’s “Anaheim Union Needs to Live Up to Its Own Standards for Accountability”, and was somewhat taken aback by the lack of factual basis behind all of its assertions. Putting aside the fact that Young makes a substantial six-figure salary running the Magnolia corporate charter school chain, let’s examine a few of her statements — statements that can only be charitably characterized as misrepresentations. Young discusses a 2015 audit of the schools claiming it was “financially solvent”, but omits scores of previous audits that found the chain insolvent. For instance, the 2014 audit revealed them “operating on a $1.7 million deficit” and that there multiple instances of “missing, misused funds” (SPRC, 2014). This misrepresentation by omission alone impeaches Young’s credibility beyond any reasonable standard. The corporate charter CEO then discusses what she terms “high-quality” schools.

MSA with Assemblyman Nazarian
the schools frequently take photos and videos with
local politicians to imply that the movement is "endorsed"
by people in places of power.
The California State University (CSU) database is an excellent source of information for rebutting most corporate charter school chain claims. Some Magnolia’s abject CSU remediation rates are cited here, and there’s several other data sources that will also put Young’s assertion to the test. Let’s take a look at a few Magnolia Science Academy (MSA) schools, starting with Magnolia High in Anaheim (MHA). MHA’s California Standards Tests (STAR) 2013 proficiency rate in math was a dismal math 11.7%, English 41.9%; 2012 math 16.4%, English 41.3%; 2011 math 15.7%, English only 35.0% (Los Angeles Times). On top of these bottom dweller STAR scores, MHA schools’ Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) averages don’t bear out Young’s definition of “achieving”. MHA’s 2009–2012 SAT composites were as follows: 1368, 1427, and 1373 (Los Angeles Times). For context 1,500 is considered the minimum threshold for college readiness, while 2,052 was the composite average for Freshmen accepted into UCLA in 2013. Young’s Anaheim charter school doesn’t come close. Taking another example, MSA2 in Van Nuys.
Magnolia Science Academy in Carson, CA where a teacher was
arrested for having sex with female students.  
This school has marginally better STAR scores: 2013 math 29.2%, English 48.3%; 2012 math 25.0%, English 49.3%, 2011 math 21.1%, English 47.6% (Los Angeles Times). Like its Anaheim counterpart, the Magnolia school never saw even half of its student body proficient in these core subjects. So much for claims of “quality education”. Young is alumnae of the pro-privatization outfit CORO Magnolia’s Young also continually refers to charter schools as “public schools.” While her background is that of being a corporate executive, mine is in education law. Accordingly, it is my obligation disabuse her and any others of this egregious misunderstanding. Generally charter schools are not public schools. This has been long established in both existing case law and public policy. The Washington State Supreme Court (2015) held that charter schools are not “common schools” because they’re governed by appointed rather than elected boards. The 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals (2010) ruled that charter schools are not “public actors.” The California Court of Appeals (2007) ruled that charter schools are not “public agents.” 
Here is the Magnolia gang at the March 2016 CCSA expo 

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) joined scores of other government agencies in unequivocally determining that charters are, in NLRB’s words, “private entities.” By definition if a charter school is operated by a for-profit company, or a 501c3 non-profit corporation (e.g. Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation), then it is not a public school. The United States Census Bureau frames this issue best: “A few “public charter schools” are run by public universities and municipalities. However, most charter schools are run by private nonprofit organizations and are therefore classified as private.” (US Census Bureau. (2011). “Public Education Finances: 2009 (GO9-ASPEF)”. Washington, DC: US Government Printing O ce. Print. vi). Since these lucrative charter schools are not public, and hence not subject to even a modicum of public oversight, they are able to get away with violating the constitutional rights of their students. The decision in Scott B. v. Board of Trustees of Orange County High School of the Arts saw scholar Rosa K. Hirji, Esq. write: “The structures that allow charter schools to exist are marked by the absence of protections that are traditionally guaranteed by public education, protections that only become apparent and necessary when families and students begin to face a denial of what they were initially promised to be their right.” (American Bar Association). Lastly, the proverbial “elephant in the room” which Young alludes to with her phrase “operate in the shadows”.
One of the many opening houses for the new Santa Ana campus
to refresh everyone's memory the Gulenists were denied this school by the local district.
The Gulenists then bypassed the district and went to the county who then did approve the school.

The largest chain of corporate charter schools in the United States is that of the secretive Gülen religious cult. This is the inevitable result of putting public money into private hands. There is ample documentation tying the Magnolia corporate charter school chain to the Gülenist Movement, namely through their intertwinement with the Los Angeles based Pacifica Institute — a Gülen organization which denies the 1915–1918 Armenian genocide (Los Angeles Times). Moreover, Fethullah Gülen’s ties to the Magnolia charter school chain were reported to Turkish readers of as early as 2010. ( 60 Minutes did a feature on the Gülen charter schools, and there is a website called Charter School Scandals that provides a wealth of information on Gülen Charter Schools. A high profile law firm recently announced it has been retained to investigate Gülen’s Magnolia schools, and a gripping documentary film about Gülen Charters, entitled KILLING ED, has been released. That the Anaheim Union School District took such a principled stand against such an unprincipled organization, and industry for that matter, is something we need to emulate statewide. It’s time to stop allowing these corporate charter entities to view education as a cash cow, and demand authentic accountability. ===
Robert D. Skeels is a Los Angeles based social justice writer, public education advocate, and immigrant rights activist. He holds a BA in Classical Civilization from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and is currently a Juris Doctor Candidate at Peoples College of Law (PCL).

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hundred show up in Anaheim, CA to watch "Killing Ed" Magnolia Gulen Employee 86'd

ANAHEIM – Charter schools have a small presence in Orange County, but concern over their future growth drew some 900 educators, parents and students to a film screening of a new documentary highly critical of school charter groups with alleged ties to a Turkish religious movement.
Led by Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Mike Matsuda, a panel discussion followed the showing of “Killing Ed” in the Anaheim High School auditorium Tuesday night.
Matsuda and the Anaheim Union school board in December published an opinion piece criticizing charters, including Westminster-based Magnolia Public Schools, which it alleges is part of a large network of charter schools connected to a wealthy Turkish imam, Fethullah Gulen. He is considered a controversial and powerful opponent to the Turkish government.
“We wanted to show this documentary because of the critical lack of transparency in the Gulen organization. My question was and continues to be: what do they have to hide?” Matsuda told the crowd.
Magnolia leaders deny connections to Gulen or his movement.
“Absolutely, categorically, Magnolia has nothing to do with the Gulen movement as an institution,” said Caprice Young, Magnolia’s CEO and superintendent. lying bitch Caprice, you know the truth.
Magnolia has 11 charter schools, including the Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Ana. The group is looking to expand with 10 new schools in California, including campuses in the Anaheim City, Anaheim Union, Garden Grove Unified and Santa Ana Unified school districts. But it has met with push back from some local educators. 
At Tuesday’s viewing, a representative from Magnolia was “kicked out” and not allowed at the event, Young said. Good, keep your little scabs out, and tools of the Gulen Movement away.  
I don’t understand how you can have a screening with ... the school board members there and the public was excluded,” Young said Wednesday. You "don't understand" - it's called NO ONE WANTS YOU OR YOUR SCHOOLS 
The event was an invitation-only function and the Magnolia representative did not have a ticket, school board member Al Jabbar said in an e-mail.
The documentary accuses the schools it features of questionable practices, such as hiring unqualified teachers and working with a network of businesses and vendors run by Turkish nationals who profit from the relationships. Magnolia was mentioned once and only briefly in the film.
The panel discussion featured the film’s director, Mark S. Hall; Sharon Higgins, an Oakland woman who has extensively researched the Gulen movement and its schools; and José F. Moreno, a local activist and former school board member who recently co-filed a complaint urging the California Department of Education to investigate Magnolia schools.
After the screening, Matsuda urged attendees to contact their education leaders and call for new legislation to regulate charter schools, which are publicly funded independent schools billed by advocates as a way to offer families greater choices in education.
Anaheim Union is urging other districts to ask the state for a temporary moratorium on all new charter schools. Anaheim Union trustees plan to take up a resolution Thursday.