Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Turks are a charter school near you (Beware the "Gulenization" of public charter schools)

The Turks are a charter school near you

Beware the “Gulenization” of public charter school.

#Who is Fethullah Gulen, and why does he want to teach San Diego’s kids? That’s a question some in the wake of a recently submitted application by Gulen’s followers to open their second public charter school in San Diego.

#“Think of a combination of the Scientologists, the Moonies, and the Mafia. That’s what the Gulenists are like,” says Sharon Higgins. “They’re shady, nebulous, and very secretive. Very few Americans know that they’re behind all of these taxpayer-funded charter schools.”

#Higgins, a former public school parent and self-described “parent activist” who lives in Oakland, has crafted a quasi-career tracking and chronicling the domestic activities of this Turkey-based group. She lays out the details: Over the past few years, the Gulen movement, an Islamic group that melds religion and politics, has succeeded in a stealth campaign to infiltrate the American educational system via the portal of the charter school. Among their goals, according to Higgins and other Gulen watchers, is fundraising for the Gulen movement in Turkey and the recruitment of future members.

#Critics allege that Gulen public charter schools reject qualified American teachers, instead importing Turkish men via H-1B visas, which allow Americans to employ foreigners in “specialty” occupations. These non-union teachers are then paid salaries characterized as “inflated,” and are expected, in turn, to donate a substantial portion to the Gulen movement via a network of “charitable” foundations. There are also charges of sweetheart deals with local Gulen-owned businesses. Gulen U.S.A., say some, is no less than an intricately woven Turkish rug of deceit.

#Operating under all-American monikers like “Magnolia Public Schools” and structured as tax-exempt not-for-profit entities, there are nearly 150 Gulen charter schools operating now in America, with around a dozen in California, including one in San Diego: Momentum Middle School in San Carlos. If the Gulenists have their way, San Diego Unified School District will host another Turk-centric schoolhouse when the Fall 2014 semester opens.

#Leading the charge is Mehmet Argin, Magnolia’s chief executive. A native of Turkey, Argin holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Arizona State University and was (prior to his California campaign) instrumental in kick-starting the Sonoran Science Academy, a Gulen school in Tucson. Argin’s fellow Magnolia board members are all Turks, with the exception of one man who’s a citizen of Kazakhstan.

Democratic loving Turkish Americans protest the Gulen Movement in front of one of their West Coast front Groups the
Pacificia Institute
A demonstration of Turkish Americans against Gulen schools in Pennsylvania, where Fethullah Gulen, the alleged founder of Magnolia Public Schools, lives in self-imposed exile.

#I asked Argin how much of the proposed school’s profits will go to pay for Gulen activities in Turkey? Is the Gulen movement a cult? And what exactly is Magnolia schools’ role within the Gulen movement? To each question, he responded with a robotic mantra: Magnolia Science Academy is a non-sectarian, secular, tuition-free, not-for-profit public school that serves underserved communities.

#I also asked, “What is your role in Turkish politics?” Argin stammered, “It’s, personal life.”

#The disciples of Fethullah Gulen point to standardized test scores and science-competition victories as evidence of the schools’ efficacy and legitimacy. However, Higgins and others beg to differ, saying that the ballyhooed earmarks of “success” are fraudulent, concocted by “cherry-picking” small groups of Gulen students. Higgins states that standardized test score averages are grossly inflated because they reflect only a small number remaining after attrition. As for “science fairs,” she says they’re rigged — run and judged by Gulen insiders.

#Who is Fethullah Gulen? The gospel, as set forth in his followers’ well-coiffed websites, paints the picture of a benevolent, even saintly, man. However, the movement’s critics, as well as various and sundry media sources, say that portrait is flackery, at best. As it turns out, evidence suggests that the supreme ruler of the Gulen cabal, with a rumored net worth in the billions, is a former imam with little formal education. No one disputes, however, that Gulen (who directs his charges from a compound in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains) is a recluse living in self-imposed exile.

#Gulen school bigwigs go to comical lengths to deny the close ties, some even disclaiming the very existence of the Gulen movement as an organized entity. Nonetheless, praise is ubiquitous and effusive on their websites, where the phrase, “We are inspired by Fethullah Gulen,” crops up with regularity.

#But just what sort of “inspiration” are we dealing with here? Gulen charter-school boosters are incessant: the 70-year-old hermit, they gush, is a renowned scholar, a prominent leader in a push for world peace, and a tireless promoter of “interfaith dialogue,” a sort of “Johnny Appleseed” for a kinder, gentler Islam.

#Many fellow Turks, however, have a different take, claiming that the real aim of the Gulenistas is to overthrow the secular government of Turkey and replace it with an Islamic kingdom redolent of the old Ottoman Empire. And how will they pay for the takeover, the writ-large repudiation of Kemal Ataturk, and the “new Turkey”? With American taxpayers’ money, of course.

#Critics also say that, unless one can read Turkish, the in-group message flies under the radar, while the “made for the West” spin is lapped up by a naive public. Ideology aside, Gulen-watchers acknowledge that the Turks are media-savvy, ready at a moment’s notice (à la the Scientologists or Lyndon LaRouche’s acolytes) to pounce on opponents online.

#But if the masses have been fooled, then so have the politicians, opines Higgins. I asked Higgins if she thought that Bob Filner knew the score when the Pacifica Institute, a Gulen front group, paid his way to Turkey. Didn’t (then-congressman) Filner, while strolling through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, have even an inchoate sense about the Gulen folks? And why would a member of Congress purporting to represent San Diego take junkets to Asia Minor paid for by a Turkish politico-religious movement?

#Filner, claims Higgins, failed in the due-diligence department. Flattered by an award from the affable emissaries and wowed by talks of Turkish tolerance toward all (Christians and Jews included), he succumbed, just as many other American politicians and bureaucrats have, to the machinations of the Gulen machine.

#But the most oblivious aren’t politicians. The school’s customers — students and their parents — are seldom aware of the connections. Largely poor, non-white, and urban — just the sort of folks who claim to be victims of substandard public schools — they’re lured by the siren song of super-sized test scores and potential scholarships. What they find instead are schools with high attrition rates and a curriculum that includes “home visits” by teachers and trips to Turkey.

#American opponents of the “Gulenization” of public charter schools hail from points all across the ideological spectrum. While Sharon Higgins’s criticism has appeared in the left-leaning Huffington Post, Ricochet, a blog that describes itself as “right of center,” voices similar concerns. Ricochet’s Claire Berlinski (who lists her hometown as Istanbul) does note, however, that part of the animus against the Gulen charter schools may emanate from organized labor (read: teachers’ unions) or secular Turks.

#San Diego Unified School District’s charter schools director, Deidre Walsh, did not return calls for comment.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gulenist operated Magnolia Science Academys in California tries for new school in San Diego

Despite losing a key Gulen Politician in San Diego - Ex Mayor Bob Filner to Sexual Scandals.  The Gulen Movement has applied for a new school to the San Diego Unified School District.

The proposed school is to be named "Magnolia Science Academy-The Next Generation"

See the application here

Good bye to another Gulen Politician tool - Bob Filner

Read more on Bob Filner at Gulen Politicians

California Gulen Politicians - aka "Useful tools of Gulen": Gulen Politician warning, "You touch it you burn" ...

Gulen Politicians - aka "Useful tools of Gulen": Gulen Politician warning, "You touch it you burn" ...: 60 Minut...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gulen Charter School in Orangevale, CA Pacific Technology School officially CLOSED

Official Word Gulen owned and operated Pacific Technology School in Orangevale, CA has closed as of June 30, 2013.

Meanwhile the Gulen California Schools are applying for $1.3 million in facilty money from the state of California.  Lets hope they don't grant them any money.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Los Angeles 8/31 protest of Gulen Movement and his fake schools. STOP THE IMAM

Last protest against Gulen and his movement in front of their Pacifica Institute. 

  • 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA

    Gulen Movement has moved in already. They are kicking us out from our HOMELAND.

    Let's kick THEM out!...

    Help us tell Americans the trap they have fallen in through financing the Gulen Movement by enabling Fethullah Gulen to open charter schools in the US. Americans are not aware of the immediate danger in their borders. Make our voice louder and stronger by joining us to raise Americans' awareness about the Gulen Movement.

    Why do we need to tell Americans about this fundamentalist movement? To begin with, we have to do everything within our means to stop the money source. Second of all, Fethullah Gulen's two charter schools are under investigation after our persistent protests. Our protests have attracted certain influential groups. American Teachers Association has stood up to support our protests. They have started a petition asking for the investigation of Gulen's charter schools. A reporter from KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) has shown a lot of interest in our protests. ALL THIS SHOWS THAT OUR VOICE IS HEARD AND OUR MESSAGE IS SPREADING.

    Join us in spreading our message to Americans and supporting the big protest against the Gulen Movement in New York on the same day just before joining the amazing event, Chapul'LA (starting at 6:00 PM), full of art and information to show our dedicated support to the Gezi Platform (for more information:

    Venue: 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA (gathering in front of the mall)

    Date: August 31, 2013 – Saturday

    Time: 3PM - 5PM


  • Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Sunday, July 7, 2013

    Americans fighting Gulen Education Jihad, 7/13 Protest in front of Gulen Bay Area Technology School

    Message to Gulen Movement
    "Hands off our schools, America fights back and will win"
    the east coast and west coast protest will be attended by Turkish, Kurdish Amiericans as well as American Teachers concerned for the future of US Education under the clutches of the Gulen Movement.



    Stop The Gulen Movement
    Protest and Press Conference
    Saturday July 13, 2013 11:00 AM
    Picket of
    Bay Area Technology School In Oakland
    8251 Fontaine St. Oakland

    In Conjunction with picket of Fethullah Gulen's Compound In Pennsylvania

    Called By United Public Workers For Action

    National Protests Against Gulen Movement in US Schools

    The Facebook page for the event (with mostly Turkish text) is

    Five hundred people are expected to picket Fetullah 7/13 Picket Of Oakland Gulen School-Stop The Theft Of Our Public Schools And Privatization-National Action Against Fethullah Gulen Movement
    Gulen's estate in Pennsylvania.

    Mary Addi, the outspoken former Gulen charter school teacher who was interviewed in the 60 Minutes segment is planning to attend, as is former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who has written a lot about Gulen's shenanigans will also be attending the picket.


    Lately, though, the Gulen schools in the US have been coming under increased media scrutiny, facing questions not so much about the quality of education they offer, but rather about violations of financial, legal and ethical standards. One of the first major pieces to take a hard look at how the Gulen charter schools operate came in March of last year in the Philadelphia Inquirer, which claimedthat federal authorities were investigating several of the movement's schools for violating immigration laws and for forcing employees to send part of their paycheck back to Turkey.

    In an article from a year ago, the New York Times took a look at several Gulen-affiliated charter schools in Texas, also suggesting that the schools are using taxpayer money to benefit the movement (known as "Hizmet" in Turkish) and businesses and vendors affiliated with it. Perhaps as a sign that the Gulen has truly hit the big time, last month 60 Minutes ran a piece looking at the movement's US charter schools, also raising questions about funny business going on in some of them (such as bringing over teachers from Turkey to teach English).

    Gulen school administrators (who frequently deny their schools have any connection to the movement) have defended their institutions by pointing out to to what they say is a track record of academic excellence. Other defenders say the criticism of the schools is fueled by a wider anti-Islam bias in the US.

    Teaching as CIA Cover–Gülen Charter Schools, Dan Burton, and State Secrets
    By: Doug Martin Saturday May 5, 2012 5:07 pm–gulen-charter-schools-dan-burton-and-state-secrets-2/

    The following continues Doug Martin’s look into the Gülen charter school movement, which began withIslam and the Free Market of Privatized Education: “Friending” the Gülen Charter Schools. It first appeared at Common Errant.

    Besides noting U.S. charter school connections to the Fethullah Gülen Movement during her testimony in the Schmidt v. Krikorian case in Ohio on August 8, 2009,* former FBI language specialist-turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds—an Iranian raised in Turkey before becoming a U.S. citizen—alleges a 1990s U.S./ Gülen al-Qaeda operation in Central Asian and a bribery scheme involving Indiana’s own U.S. House member Dan Burton.

    Edmonds testified in candidate David Krikorian’s defense case before the Ohio Election Commission when Rep. Jean Schmidt, an Ohio Republican, filed charges against him for claiming, during a 2008 campaign bid, that she accepted money illegally from people with Turkey interests.

    Edmonds’ deposition held many bombshells, since she had been translating wiretap conversations between those associated with the Turkish lobby.

    It seems Gülen and the U.S. State Department, from 1997 to 2001, had been training al-Qaeda in Central Asian, with the help of the Turkish military, Pakistani ISI, and Azerbaijan officials (96), Edmonds says in response to questions from Krikorian’s attorney, Dan Marino. In a subsequent interview with retired CIA-counter-terrorism specialist Phil Giraldi (who believes her story), Edmonds details Gülen /U.S training missions and Turkish drug-smuggling into Chicago and Paterson, New Jersey, two hot-beds of the Gülen Movement, each containing Fethullah’s followers’ charter schools:

    Americans "say no" to Gulen brand of Education



    Magnolia Science Academy, Senior Turkey Trip.............your tax dollars hard at work

    And the predictable Gulen tour complete with photo in front of the Grand Sofia Mosque, converted from a Church the St. Hagia Sofia.

    Friday, March 29, 2013

    Accord Institute, part of the Gulen Movement management of Charter Schools

    Here is the Accord Conference for teachers of Gulenist managed charter schools on the west coast.  Although the schools say they are not related the evidence is overwhelming.  The teachers that are Turkish or from Turkic countries all have ties to the Gulen foundations: Pacifica Institute, Gulen Institute, Dialogue Foundation, Accord Institute, and more.  The Accord Institute was housed in the same office as Pacifica Institute.  They are a management company of the schools which charges over $140.00 per child per year and they give seminars to make the schools and teachers appear as if they are in compliance with American Public School laws.  They put on a good show.

    Gulen Movement 2013 Anatolia Festival in Orange County, CA will be visited by Magnolia Science Academy Students

    Magnolia Science Academy Students go every year to the Anatolian Festival that is put on by the Gulen Pacifica Institute which is part of the Gulen multi layers of foundations and institutes.  This is an expensive production with a full display of an Anatolian Church (to satisfy the Christian patrons) There is Turkish dancing demonstrations, the Ottoman Military band, and the Whirling Dervishes (Sufi spinners)  The cost of this festival is tied into the schools and tax payers money.  Their h1-b Teachers must Tuzuk 40% of their salary to the foundations, and then the Accord Institute (which use to share space with Pacifica Insitute) charges $140.00 per child per year for their west coast schools.  This is Utah, Nevada, Arizona, NM, California.  But the schools are not related to each other are they?  Magnolia Science Academy, Bay Area Technology Schools, Pacific Technology School, Coral Academy of Science, Lotus School of Excellence, Sonoran Science Academy, etc.  

    Sunday, March 17, 2013

    Gulen Charter Schools in California, Lets get Turkish into your senses

    Magnolia Science Academy at the Anatolia Festiva.  But they are not associated with the Pacifica institute right? or the Gulen Institute?  Who do they think they are kidding?
    Magnolia Science Academy students at the Anatolia Festival.  But we are not associated with each other right?
    Magnolia Science Academy picnic, Serving Turkish Sharwma to the students.  Get Turkish taste, sound, feel into your senses until you are Turkish and part of the Gulen Movement.
    Magnolia Science Academy, Van Nuys, CA, Staff Picnic serving Turkish Sharwma.  Why is it that Americans are putting up with this blatent disregard for American Tax payers and culture??????  
    Gulen Schools in California are Called Magnolia Science Academys, Pacific Technology Schools and Bay Area Technology Schools.  In Southern California they are called Magnolia Science Academy.  They are advertising they win Math, and Science Contests.  But the problem with this claim is that these contests are all sponsored by the Gulen Movement NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations)  These kids are medicore at best but the Gulen Propanganda labels them as "successful schools" why???? because they say so? 
    Gulen Schools in California are having a rough go at it with loss of finances and lack of support from California Education departments.  Here is a montage of photos from California Gulen operated schools and how they are getting Turkish food, music, language and culture into the hearts, minds and souls of American kids. 
    Winning at a Math tournament sponsored by Gulen NGOs is that really winning????


    Gulen Schools in California - Magnolia Science Academies, fund raising

    Many parents are trying to ask if this is legal?  The answer is it is LEGAL but highly unethical.  They are a public school as all charters are.  Do not give them a dime of your money.  Starve the bastards out!

    MSA SC Annual Fundraiser.
    Email not displaying correctly?
    View it in your browser.

    Download PDF copy of this document

    Download Donation Pledge Form

    Please fill out a pledge form so we can plan accordingly, even if you are not going to make the payment immediately.

    You can donate by clicking the donation button above or sending a check to the school.

    A copy of this document and pledge form was handed to your child on Wednesday the 6th.

    Dear MSASC Parent Community,
    The MSASC administration has determined that it is in the best interest of our school to adjust our annual fund-raising approach.
    As of this spring, MSASC is launching an “Annual Fund Drive” to collect $600 per year ($300 each semester). We are asking all our families to make a personal financial commitment in support of our school’s curriculum.

    Why do we ask our families to make a financial contribution to our school?
    We ask for financial support in order to help better sustain our school, STEM curriculum, and other programs. We do it for our children. There is never a shortage of financial needs in public education. Each year our schools, and school business office, are in need of balancing the budget and to pay for overhead, expenses, salaries and bills and planning for the shortfalls in the state’s budget and funding. We ask families to give so we can have a more successful program. While some families may have the means to do more than others, we do encourage ALL families to participate in supporting this education, which is so rich and generous, in itself, towards our families and children.
    California ranks among the last in the nation in per-pupil spending, and the funds that the state provides must often be supplemented by the generous support of parents, grandparents and community members. Virtually every public school in California — not just charter schools — must fundraise from families in order to continue quality programs like Science, Technology and foreign languages. There is a shortfall between the funds that the state provides for a basic public education and the enriched education offered at Magnolia Science Academy.
    Your contributions help bridge this gap and keeps our school alive and well with the rich, creative STEM curriculum that benefits our children.

    1) What is the Annual Fund Drive?
    The Annual Fund Drive is the centerpiece of the MSA Santa Clara’s fundraising efforts. The Fund Drive will help us maintain many of our specialties and curriculum programs that are not funded by the State of California education-funding model. The money raised during the Fund Drive is a crucial portion of our annual operating budget. This semester based fund-raising effort raises money that is essential for ensuring the quality of the educational experience for our students.
 Every year we ask and invite all the families with children enrolled at MSASC to invest in their children’s education by making a monthly pledge as a tax-deductible annual gift for MSASC. Families are asked to please consider contributing, and budgeting for, $50 each month for each student enrolled at Magnolia Science Academy.
 While you can make these donations on a monthly basis, we prefer to have them each semester. You are welcome to donate a one lump sum during the year. We invite you to choose a plan that works for your family. Please review our annual pledge form, fill it out completely and return it to the front office. As the school is a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
    2) Do Charter Schools receive less money than traditional public schools?
    Yes. Charter Schools receive a specified amount of public money for each enrolled child. Unlike other public schools, however, Charter Schools do not receive capital funding to cover the cost of obtaining or leasing a building. Charter Schools also receive no additional funding for specialized programs. This method of funding leaves Charter Schools at a financial disadvantage as compared to other public schools. “The 1992 legislation that authorized charter schools in California created a funding model intended to provide charter schools with the same per-pupil operational funding as received by other schools in the same school district. The state subsequently modified this policy in 1998, enacting legislation specifying that “charter school operational funding shall be equal to the total funding that would be available to a similar school district serving a similar pupil population.” This policy remains in place.” This policy presents 7% inequity in funding for charter schools in the State of California. We must do more with less. The California Charter School Association, the lobbying agency for all California charter schools is fighting this policy on our behalf.
    3) Why does MSA Santa Clara have additional financial burdens beyond most other public/charter schools?
    MSA Santa Clara pays $475,000 (15% of the budget) rent for the facilities. Due to demographic differences, MSA Santa Clara receives $270,000 less in Title I funding and Economic Impact Aid when compared to similar size Magnolia schools (8% of the budget). Moreover, MSA Santa Clara teaches much more than the state standards. There is no state standard for Robotics, AMSP, Science Fair Projects, Science Olympiads, and the state does not require Computer or Foreign language classes at the Middle school level. Providing faculty, materials and supplies for our curriculum and these programs cost our school money, and these programs are unfunded as determined by state standards. An increase in programs requires more facility space for programs such as foreign languages and computers. All of these rich Magnolia components increase our annual operating budget. Here is a comparison of ADA funding for MSA Santa Clara and other schools in the area as well as other Magnolia schools:
    Magnolia Science Academy SC: $5,679
    University Preparatory Academy: $6,312
    Rocketship Los Suenos $6,011
    Flex Academy $6,034
    Alum Rock Union Elementary $6,662
    KIPP Heartwood Academy $6,167
    Bridges Academy $6,169
    Leadership Public School $7,107
    Summit Public School $6,708
    KIPP San Jose $6,809
    San Jose Conservation Corps Charter $7,429
    Fremont Union High $8,311
    Los Gatos-Saratog Joint Union High $10,542
    Mountain View-Los Altos Union High $12,833
    Santa Clara Unified $6,992
    Milpitas Unified $7,144
    San Jose Unified $7,424
    Rocketship Mateo $6,640

    Other Magnolia Schools:
    MSA 1 $6,390
    MSA 2 $6,188
    MSA 3 $6,104
    MSA 4 $6,211
    MSA 5 $6,116
    MSA Bell $6,125
    4) Why am I being asked to give money? Isn't this a public school?
    California ranks among the last in the nation in per-pupil spending and the funds that the state provides must often be supplemented by the generous support of parents, grandparents and community members. Virtually every public school in California — not just charter schools — must fundraise from families in order to continue quality programs like Computers, Advanced Math, Art and Foreign languages. There is a shortfall between the funds that the state provides for a basic public education and the enriched education offered at MSASC.
    5) Do other schools ask the parent and school communities for financial contributions?
    Yes, virtual all public, charter and private schools do ask for financial support whether they are elementary, middle, high school or college institutions.
    6) How did the MSASC come up with the suggested monthly donation figure of $600 per student?
    The suggested annual donation of $600 per student was derived in order to meet the State of California ADA funding shortfall, while also considering the reality that not all families can make a financial commitment of $50 per month; therefore we ask more for those who can do more. Beyond the ADA funding shortfall, MSA is currently operating at a “bare bones” curriculum and programming level. To fund our school beyond its current programming level, MSA does need to raise more money than the ADA shortfall, alone. If we are to grow the quality of our school programs, we must raise these additional dollars. We are certain most MSA SC families will prioritize this Magnolia education opportunity for themselves and will consider budgeting $50 per month for their child(ren) to receive this rich and nurturing experience.
    7) Where do my Annual Fund Drive donations go?
    Your donations to the Annual Fund Drive directly support MSA Santa Clara. Funds are allocated by the Magnolia Board of Directors and Finance Committee, which manage and approve the school’s annual operating budget. Program and curriculum are the top priorities of our Board of Directors and Faculty.
    8) Are my donations tax-deductible?
    Yes. The Magnolia Public Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You generous donation is tax-deductible.
    9) What is the most beneficial way for me to pledge? And what is the most ideal pledge amount for the school?
    The most beneficial way for you to pledge is online at: You can also make payments by writing a check to Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara. The most ideal pledge amount for MSASC is the suggested giving amount of $600. While some people are able to give at this level or higher, realistically some people are not. If you are able to make the sacrifice, investment and commitment to MSASC by pledging $300 per semester, all of our community would benefit greatly.
    10) If I make a pledge, do I have to pay immediately?
    No. If you make a pledge to MSASC today, you commit to making your gift contribution in the future. MSASC is hopeful that all families will make a monthly gift contribution of an amount that is meaningful and sustainable for them. Pledges can be made online at:
    11) Are Annual Fund Drive donations voluntary?
    All donations to MSASC are voluntary. Your decision to participate and the amount have no impact on whether a child is accepted for enrollment or continues to be enrolled in MSASC. However, we want every family to understand that while government funding provides a basic free education to all children, the STEM curriculum and enrichment programs offered at MSA relies on parent participation, including financial and volunteer time contributions. We ask that all families participate in making a meaningful donation to MSASC. If this curriculum is a priority for your family, we ask that you consider a gift contribution that is satisfactory to your appreciation of our school.
 Our goal for the Annual Fund Drive is 100% participation among MSASC families to support our children’s’ education. We encourage every family to give as generously as possible. Every gift—whatever the size— is gratefully received and strengthens our community.
    12) Can you show me how money earned through the Annual Fund Drive will be spent?
    The school’s finances and budget are public documents. The budget provides donors and our community with the school’s overall financial picture, including the funds raised and operations budget expenditures.
    13) Will the Annual Fund Drive fundraising have impact on my child’s class?
    Yes, money raised during the Annual Fund Drive directly, and indirectly, affects each class and each student at MSASC. Whether the school can afford to retain the high-caliber of teachers we currently have and maintain the level of specialties offered each year is determined by the success of our Annual Fund Drive giving campaigns.
    14) Can I fund a specific grade, program or specialty class?
    Money raised during the Annual Fund Drive cannot be accepted as a restricted or directed gift. The MPS Board of Directors and MPS Finance Committee together with the school principal manage the MSASC annual operating budget and set the priorities of program and curriculum goals each year.
    15) Is the money raised during the Annual Fund Drive used for teachers and staff?
    Money raised during the Annual Fund Drive does affect the quality, caliber and retention of our faculty and staff. We hold our school to high standards. If we are not able to fund our rich STEM curriculum including faculty & staff salaries and benefits, the school could be at a risk of losing valuable faculty and staff members.
    16) I volunteer so many hours to the school, why should I give money on top of that?
    Volunteerism is the cornerstone of charter school education. When families chose to enroll their child or children in a charter school there is an expectation of volunteering. Volunteering directly supports class teachers and classrooms, governing bodies and festivals and other school events. While your volunteering is crucial to the success of our school and your child’s education and directly aids our teachers and curriculum, MSASC must also stay financially viable. Therefore, fundraising and financial support do go hand-in-hand with volunteerism and both are equally important.
    17) What if I can’t give the suggested amount?
    It is understandable that some families are able to make an annual contribution to the MSASC that exceeds our suggested gift amount of $50 per month. It is also understandable that some families are not able to make this level of financial commitment. We ask that families consider our school’s offerings as a priority for their family in giving a gift that is meaningful.
    18) What if my monthly income is unpredictable or drops and I cannot pay the amount that I signed up for?
    We ask each MSASC family to make an annual pledge that is meaningful and fiscally comfortable. If at any time you would like to increase or decrease your pledge contribution, please contact the MSASC operations manager to adjust your pledge.
    19) If everyone donated $600/student, what would our school look like?
    If each of our community of families was able to commit to contributing $300/per semester our school would be in the position to provide our faculty and staff with much-deserved and equitable raises. MSASC could also maintain all specialties programs such as Advanced Math, Foreign Languages, Art, Robotics, Computers, AMSP as well as provide a great portion of funding to all students for class field trips, athletics, after-school and other programs. MSASC would also be able to expand upon our current curriculum by adding a successful high school program.
    20) What if I don’t give anything?
    If all of our families chose not to give a financial donation to our school, MSASC would look very different. Some of our specialties programs (Foreign Languages, Computer, AMSP, Robotics, Advanced Math) would be cut from our curriculum. Our caliber of faculty and staff would be diminished, as MSASC would not be able to keep our already over-qualified and under-paid faculty.
    We are confident that our community and families have chosen to be at MSASC because it is the best educational opportunity for their children to receive a rich, broad, nurturing education that meets the needs of your child. We have the highest API score among Middle schools, and would like to continue to provide the best education possible.
    21) What is ADA?
    ADA stands for “Average Daily Attendance.” The state of California funds school districts based on each student’s daily recorded attendance. ADA is calculated by dividing the total number of days of student attendance by the number of days of school taught during the same period. MSASC budgets for program and curriculum based upon projected enrollment and ADA. Additionally, when students do not attend class or school, MSASC loses that daily funding, which equals about $33.50 per day.
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    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Magnolia Science Academy forfeits 2 charter expansions on West Coast

    Their letter cites "Financial difficulties" also their November 2012 board minutes reflect a severe cash flow problem of Magnolia Public Schools. Of course, they blame budget cuts. I guess hiring Turks who don't speak English to teach isn't paying off for them.
    also tweeks the charter application as they go

    Despite concerns about finances, Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara won a renewal

    By Sharon Noguchi

    Posted: 01/24/2013 03:58:25 PM PST

    January 24, 2013 11:58 PM GMTUpdated: 01/24/2013 03:58:25 PM PST

    SANTA CLARA -- Despite concerns about its finances, Magnolia Science Academy won a renewal of its charter to continue operating.

    On Wednesday the Santa Clara County Board of Education granted a five-year extension for the public charter, which has more than 500 students in grades 6 though 9.

    The school, located in Santa Clara, has had a negative cash flow, poor fiscal accounting and a problem with internal controls, according to Micaela Ochoa, chief business officer for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, which oversees the charter. Before cementing an agreement with the county office, the school will have to get its fiscal house in order, the county school board ordered. But on academic issues, the board complimented the school, which stresses science and math.

    About 30 parents, teachers and children spoke to the board in praise of Magnolia's teaching and programs.

    The county board voted 5 to 1, with trustee Anna Song dissenting, to extend the charter. Trustee Darcie Green abstained.

    The school is one of 12 in the state run by the Magnolia Educational & Research Foundation.

    -- Sharon Noguchi, staff


    Friday, February 1, 2013

    Magnolia Science Academy mentioned in Diane Ravitch "who will hold CA Charter Schools accountable"

    Recently, I wrote a post about Steve Zimmer, a member of the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
    Zimmer proposed that the board develop a policy to hold charters accountable.
    He was picketed and jeered by charter advocates, who rejected any demands for oversight. The charter lobby is supporting someone to run against Zimmer in the March elections.
    Zimmer acted responsibly. Los Angeles now has more students in charters than any other district (over 100,000), and California now has more charters than any other state.
    Even the national and state charter associations claim they want more accountability and more weeding out of bad charters. But actions speak louder than words.
    A reader sent this background to the current debates in California:
    “The following report tells it all. The vast majority of charters, between 65-70%, close due to financial or mismanagement reasons.
    Recently, Jed Wallace from the California Charter School Association, wrote about charter school accountability in the publication “Ed Source”.
    Below are two sections from the report.
    “The second state in the nation to allow charter schools, California has long been at the forefront of education reform. We must also lead the way in accountability, which is why the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is proud to support the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) “One Million Lives” campaign, which kicked off in November. NACSA’s goal is to give one million children access to high-quality schools by encouraging effective charter authorizing, growing the number of high-quality charters across the country and closing those charters that are failing.
    “NACSA has called for:
    “All states to establish clear charter school performance expectations and close those schools that do not meet the standards.
    Implement new laws to hold charter authorizers accountable for the schools they approve. Those that keep failing schools open will lose the ability to authorize schools.
    Urge each state to create a statewide authorizer that will implement professional practices based on high standards and promote quality growth.”

    “In order to meet the CCSA Minimum Criteria for Renewal, charter schools four years and older must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    “Academic Performance Index (API) score of at least 700 in the most recent year, or
    Three-year cumulative API growth of at least 50 points, or
    Ranked “within” or “above” for at least two out of the last three years on CCSA’s Similar Students Measure.”

    “There seems to be a lack of concern in this report about the financial and mismanagement issues. School districts apparently have no interest in appropriate oversight and/ or don’t have the resources to do it properly. Wallace did not address how to make these kinds of changes.
    “Louis Freedberg, of Ed Source wrote the following articles to address these issues:
    “As far as we know, the report promised by Mr. Zeiger on the millions in lost funds to failed charters either was never done or was not made public. No surprise here!!!!!
    “Steve Zimmer did the right thing, but the charter lobby is incredibly powerful. It’s fine for Wallace to ask for tighter controls on charters, but again, he doesn’t address how this could and should happen. Zimmer tried. We know that Los Angeles has the most charters of any district in the U.S. It stands to reason that LAUSD should lead the way to tighten these controls.
    “A recent example of massive failure by LAUSD to provide appropriate oversight is demonstrated in this audit done on three Magnolia(Gulen) Charter Schools. Sadly, the Board of Education has taken NO steps to revisit the renewal of these charters.
    “Another controversial charter simply refused to participate in an audit as stated below:
    “The bottom line here is that hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are being lost yearly. Public schools must make up the difference. It’s no wonder that CA has incredibly high class sizes and student to counselor ratios. We need more school board members like Zimmer to speak out and demand changes in the approval and oversight of charters.”