Magnolia Science Academy is without a doubt a Gulen Managed charter school

The Gulen Movement is fantastic at advertising, PR, and bestwowing fake honors on their students, politicians, local media and academia. The Parents4Magnolia blog is NOT American parents it is members of the Gulen Movement in damage control mode. Magnolia Science Academy, Pacific Technology School and Bay Area Technology is the name of their California schools. They are under several Gulen NGOs: Pacifica Institute, Willow Education, Magnolia Educaiton Foundation, Accord Institute, Bay Area Cultural Connection. Hizmet aka Gulen Movement will shamelessly act like satisifed American parents or students. They will lie, cajole, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate to get their way which is to expand the Gulen charter schools. If this doesn't work they play victim and cry "islamophobia". Beware of the Gulen propagandists and Gulen owned media outlets. DISCLAIMER: if you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to Utube

Monday, November 22, 2010

Magnolia Science Academy - Bell, CA and their visit to Turkey

This is their 2009 visit to Turkey that was called "European trip".  Has anyone bothered to explain to these students that Turkey is NOT a part of Europe and will never be included into the European Union in the near future?
Human Rights and Civil Rights violations is the biggest reason why.  Maybe they forgot to mention to these students that this Grand Mosque was built by the Greek Orthodox that inhabited the land 12 centuries before the invasion of Ottomans from Central Asia Mongolia?  This Grand Mosque was in fact a Church called the St. Hagia Sophia before the Islamic regimes invaded and shamelessly converted it.
Today the St. Hagia Sophia has been converted into a museum with no mention of the first Christian inhabitants of a town called Constanipole now changed to Istanbul.
Learn about how it may not be safe for your children to travel to Turkey because of civil unrest.  Gulen schools in Turkey are being attacked and on 11/20/2010 there was another bomb attack in Istanbul.

Do you want your child in Turkey when some nut case decides to perform Jihad and strap a bomb to their back?

P.S. Question who pays for these trips to Turkey since 76% of the Magnolia Science Academy's students live below the poverty level.  If you are a California Tax payer look in the mirror.

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